Check out Ryan's
latest video! 😎🐧

We take a look at the System76 Launch keyboard. joins me for this discussion as we talk about our experience after our first impressions with the Launch keyboard.

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Definitely going to travel to more conventions this year.

Love my Ergodox EZ but it makes a standard keyboard almost unbearable to use. So I'm the guy who carries his keyboard everywhere.

On Hardware Addicts #61! 😀

We talk about AMD GPU’s, Intel’s big announcements…some good, some bad…all kinds of tech goodness!

+ Wendy discusses a camera for your underwater adventures or Summer at the beach. 📷

Currently obsessed with GTA RP. Which makes me want to start a server and develop mods.

The amount of games that work with Proton on Steam is impressive. Appreciate all the work being done.

Sudo Show #51! 😀🐧 discusses
the subject of open source sustainability and proposes we
"give what we can" to open source projects we use and get value from!

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Obviously, I would prefer a more "norrmal" routine but I get so much more done at night,

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Ok, so I feel horrible about this but I mostly sleep in the day because when I work at night no one is up to distract me. Selfish or smart?

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This Week in Linux #197 #Podcast!
😎🐧🐧 100, WINE Bottles, 5.0, Unity Desktop,, Deb-Get

And so much more #Linux GNews! #podcasts #technews

Finally dual booting Linux and Windows on the desktop PC. Windows is only on because Lost Ark has anti-cheat.


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