Still can’t get to grips with this. It’s a Tweetdeck clone and… what? Is its selling point just that there are fewer people here?

@Gargron @Postma @vic23 @Droesjka “not like Twitter has been doing a good job of dealing with abuse either, and they have tons more resources.” Yeah, that’s what I worry about. Twitter are trying to patch in anti-abuse controls, because they didn’t worry about it early in the project. You shouldn’t use them as the benchmark, because you have the opportunity to do better.

@Gargron I’m sorry if you feel like I’m being overly-critical. I’m happy to debate all the detail in my article, and to concede where I may be wrong. But I stand by my broad point that what you’ve accomplished so far is technically admirable, but technical ability isn’t sufficient to create a great platform.

@vic23 @Gargron @Postma @Droesjka My opinion is: I’m impressed with what I see as a technical achievement, but technical achievement isn’t sufficient for a great platform. I don’t think that’s a controversial position.

@Gargron I don’t think voluntary contributions are enough. At some point, if this does well, you’ll need to sustain yourself, potentially grow the team, and scale the platform up. What’s the plan for funding that?

@Postma @Droesjka @vic23 @Gargron “I see he's a marketeer and a 'speaker', that might explain”. Don’t know what you mean. I’m also a developer and a technologist and a user, does that help my position at all?

@Gargron I understand this completely. But this is partly the problem; anti-abuse measures need to be at the core of the platform, not added at a later date; otherwise, you’ll run into the same problems Twitter has. This is why I think the project needs to be self-sustainable, and to include a larger team, made up of not only developers.

@Gargron Happy to correct those details — I just saw that other people had contributed to the project (, which is why I said ‘mostly’. And contributions go back to January, so under a year. But I can update the article, sure.

Mastodon is a good technical achievement, but that’s not enough. Some thoughts on a path to success. Open for discussion.

@stopsatgreen I have consulted some people who were target of Twitter abuse to compile a list of features that Mastodon needs to be better than Twitter in this regard. Now, I haven't implemented all of it yet, but the project's only in its 3rd month pretty much xd

Other than being decentralised (and therefore, not by The Man), does address any of the weaknesses of Twitter? Is it, for example, built from the ground up to combat abuse? If not, without even the tools that Twitter provides it could be even more prone to abuse.

My first post. This could go down in posterity. Better make it a good one.


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