I think that it may be time to reverse the settings I have on the Crossposter, because clearly I need to be preserving as many of my tweets as possible on Mastodon, in case something terrible happens on this account :/

I keep on forgetting this pic is out there, but this is one of the cats my family serves... He's a former stray, and used to hiss to communicate with us (I called him a hissy boi), but I've been told that he's able to meow now, and likes being given attention nowadays!

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@parkinsbrea@twitter.com This is Stevie (named after Stevie Nicks, iirc)... He ended up showing up at some point or another, hanging out at the window, and eventually he managed to get in... My family served a cat already but now they have to serve 2!

And yes, he is giving me a scowl!

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The Gold Edition was my first ever Ultima (got from a(n) SB16 bundle) so I've a particular fondness for it... It was also the first one I got in big box format, followed by (erg) 9! Recently, I was able to pick up 1-3 from 'Sekrit Place', which expanded my subcollection more!

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Of all the games in the Ultima series, no 8: Pagan is the one that resonates with me the most for its isometric view and rich colors. Too bad it was not well received at launch in 1994.

I'd love to see a remaster or spiritual successor to this particular Ultima @RichardGarriott@twitter.com

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For those interested, this is the photo of the GUS Max... Sadly, nothing else came with it, but as I said before, it's a good starting point for getting everything back together, especially as the most expensive parts are already in my possession!

The lot is definitely worth a lot more overall than what I paid for, even with VAT and other fees, and postage!

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I'll be able to one day pick up the missing bits to make a complete set! All that said though, even the box & card would probably cost a lot together, especially as it's not a standard GUS! It's definitely getting a place with my OPL3 Vibra16V(?) though in a future 486 build!

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I have mixed feelings about finally getting my auction lots... There's a hell of a lot more I expected, so I wore myself out a fair bit; re the GUS Max, I can indeed say that there appears to be one in there, but unfortunately, there are no drivers or documents! Hopefully, -

*also a ton of disabled people have their own 3D printers, yes there are a lot of blind folk with 3D printers also. Remember that when you design mods- it may be a person who can't see very well or has limited dexterity installing it, do what you can to accommodate.

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It's brain... I didn't need to sleep anyway >.<

I swear, I'm going to have a nap when I've done all my outside business in the morning & early afternoon, because whilst that energy drink may have been a bad idea, I was likely not going to sleep anytime soon, so all it really did for me is to make me feel less sore, & more able to do certain things that I previously couldn't!

Without needing to mess around with my main TVs, because it's a lot of hassle sometimes, especially if I need to bring something with me for testing, which this TV will be great for!

Anyway, that's it for now... I'm going to take some photos of my auction winnings from last month, and give an update on something special that some people are already aware of, but I don't want to spoil the surprise now, plus I need to see if it's actually there like I'm hoping!

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I'm calling it a night now, but it's nice to know that at least my Intellivision and G7000 work! I need to wait until I get some fused plugs before I can test the Amiga 600, my loose Atari 800 XL with disk drive, and my Commodore +4! I also have a VTech I.T. Unlimited to test as well, but I think that I'm done with testing for a couple of weeks at least, especially as I've a lot going on this week! In any case, I'm glad to have a portable flatscreen TV that I can use to test machines with, -

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Philips G7000 (Magnavox Odyssey 2)is working! I nearly wrote it off as broken when I first loaded up Cart #9 (Computer Programmer), but then I pressed reset and it worked great! #9 looked interesting, but it looks a bit daunting for me to do anything with, considering the manual (TOC photo is below), so I decided to play #4 (Air-Sea War & Battle, of which the former is playing), partly because it shows off more of the screen, to prove that it does indeed work!

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I did some work today on Lotus 1-2-3 (the DOS 2.2 release, not that fancy Linux port making the rounds) as part of my next blog post. Two thoughts:

1. The documentation was incredible. Over 1,000 pages and it was still actually easy to find what I needed.

2. Macros were essential to using this thing. There were basically no keyboard shortcuts included. Everything is keyboard-based menu navigation.

Seriously, imagine dealing with this everyday:


ZX Spectrum 128K has a similar issue to the 48K in that it displays a garbled mess on the screen; forgot to take a picture of the screen this time, though I did note that it was outputting on Ch 1 & 3, rather than Ch 2, like the 48K! Another irony in that it too needs to be examined and repaired like the its older sibling!

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Intellivision works fine... At least what would be considered fine for one!

I've had to set up different channels per system I've tested so far, which is fine because the TV is specifically for testing consoles and computers... I need to make a note of what frequency/channel each sys uses with the TV though!

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And after all that, the Spectrum ironically is not working so far, though it does have this interesting screen (and some noise!)... I have started manually adding different channels though, which I'll have to remember to take note of!

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Hassle getting each system out of their boxes! Autoscan was always on the table, but if I didn't have to do it, even better! I should definitely test the RF cable that came with the Spectrum 48K to make sure that it's working fine, as I might need to buy some replacement RF cables for systems that use it!

But yeah, the problem (at least to some extent) in this case was me expecting too much to happen on its own... In my defence though, I barely ever have to manually do an autoscan nowadays!

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