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Tra non molto sarà attivo un redirect. Non vi tedio oltre, promesso.

The of a is the strength of its weakest element.

is what makes us . It is our greatest .

So, if you are a , please read this and feel free to subscribe it.


Ok, let’s start writing this change program 🙌🏻

India launches Digital India RISC-V (DIR-V) program for next generation Microprocessors


Dopo un mio post, mi è stato chiesto perché io abbia evitato le principali istanze italiane di .

Risposta breve: ho letto i termini di servizio. 🤷‍♂️

Risposta lunga: partiamo dal fatto che Mastodon è un insieme di istanze federate che potrebbe (in teoria) formare un social network alternativo a Twitter. Tuttavia ogni istanza ha regole differenti.

Per decidere di usare Mastodon non basta iscriversi, ma bisogna capire anche "dove" farlo, perché la scelta è importante.

🧵 1/

And he has a big brother 🌌 :sparkles_pan: 🛰️ That was a successful & crafty evening.

More pictures tomorrow in better light.


A blog post documenting the process of building a redesigned #RSS feed in human-readable form.

Things I'm happy to have added to my feed, besides the styles:

- author contact information always visible at the top.
- a 'reply via email' link always visible at the bottom.

Several people are using the latter in their feeds, very few are using the former.

The source code is up for grabs. Built with #Jekyll, it should be fairly easy to adapt to #Hugo and other SSGs.


Deep in my heart, I'm looking for a mail client that's as fast and austere as Mutt, but that doesn't require as much constant practice and mental discipline.

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Ok, survived Monday. 🤜🏻
Tomorrow: bike, sea, change program prep. ✌🏻

I feel the best way immutable #Linux operating systems like (the excellent) #Fedora #Silverblue can get over the remaining usability issues is if they make a conscious decision to forget that they are immutable operating systems.

What are the defaults you would implement if you weren’t allowed to tell people it was immutable?

Implement those.

(e.g., Have the default terminal open in a mutable container & a separate command to launch an advanced “admin” console for layering, etc.)


🔜🇪🇺 Plenaria al PE: Stato di Diritto in Ungheria e Polonia

⚠️ I deputati valutano lo stato della democrazia e dei diritti fondamentali in Ungheria e Polonia e l'azione dell'UE per proteggere i suoi valori condivisi

Info 👉eptwitter.eu/q7b8
Live 👉epfacebook.eu/q7b9

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/Europarl_IT/status/1

Tryin’ to register an account on indieweb.social (wanna migrate this mastodon.social account there) but... Well, the email with the confirmation link isn’t delivered. 😔

/cc @tchambers 🙏🏻

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@AlessLongo@twitter.com Ha reso evidente come a buona parte della gente non gliene importa assolutamente nulla di chi è fragile e/o disabile. La maschera è caduta. Contano solo i soldi, il denaro che gira e la cassa che fa ding ding. Quel "a torto o a ragione" la qualifica pienamente. Complimenti.

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Happy birthday to LibreOffice - which just had its 20th birthday! 🎂🥳🎉 It is great to see open source projects succeed in bringing awesome alternatives to the world. 😀😎 Check here why Tutanota is one of the best open source email alternatives: tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-s

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I know this doesn't represent Italy and Italian journalism. But I think the country should do more to investigate deep-seated Russian influence on many levels of Italian society, including the media. It makes Italy vulnerable. That's not what I wish for the country I love

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