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Stefan Sperling

If you ever wondered what an "Ingo commit message" is in developer lingo, here's an outstanding example:

Bahahah the code is from PF 😂

It looks like they've replaced PF with KX, maybe so no one would notice

Here at #RIPE76, it is time to elect some members for the Programme Committee. 2 open spots for 3 candidates.

Biographies are at:
Voting form is at: (requires a free RIPE NCC access account)

Vote for me! :D #selfpromotion

Ich habe gerade einen neuen Blogpost veröffentlicht. Es geht um die Veropensourceisierung meiner Projekte und ich freue mich über Feedback, Meinungen und/oder Kekse:

" report: Paul Irofti (pirofti@) on semaphores development, wifi stack progress and ports work"

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Messier 101 is a galaxy in Ursa Major. It is about 22 million light years from Earth. Image from last Saturday. 13 minutes L, 5 minutes each R, G and B. 0.2m f3.9 telescope.

From Saturday night, galaxy M108 in Ursa major. 19 minutes L, 4 minutes each R, G, and B. 0.2m f3.9 Newtonian telescope.

Ubucon Europe 2018 experience and talk slides! by Samuel Iglesias
Introduction to Mesa
The open-source graphics API implementation library

Good read for anyone interested in the graphics stack for *BSD

one ralink usb wifi adapter is worth a thousand broadcom b43 cards