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Stefan Sperling

Who ever thought that web UIs with buttons that move around while more page elements are loaded on a slow connection were a good idea?

Being rate limited by my mobile provider is kinda annoying. Reading my #Mastodon timeline on the web client still went pretty smooth though. But as soon as I try to access a linked web page… nothing works.
People, design your web stuff with low bandwidth in mind, please.

Been passing this wall painting on my way to work. Today in the sunshine it is super impressive!

Another Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Baker-Nunn shot. This time of M31- The Andromeda galaxy. M31 is the closest large galaxy to our Galaxy that basically looks like our Galaxy. A mere 2 million light years away, M31 will collide with our Galaxy in about 4-5 billion years.

The @GIMP team has just announced GIMP 2.10.0 release candidate 2 is out with multi-threaded painting, rewritten UI themes, on-canvas panorama rotation in 3D, various improvements, and 40 bug fixes!

(Sorry - last post had the wrong URL)

GIT: Stage this hunk [y,n,q,a,d,K,g,/,e,?]?

ME: I don't know, he looks good, but can he act?

"OTOH, OpenSSL wanted concrete evidence of exploitability." <- folks, this is not what security researchers want to hear. Fixing the vulnerability will result in a better product. Just do it, if even just for code correctness sake.

In this particular case, it took the researchers around a year-and-a-half to come up with a PoC, leaving everyone insecure for that entire time (and longer as it takes time for people to patch.)

#RIPE has assigned the last block from the 185/8 space.

This means there are no more pristine IPv4 addresses available in Europe, Middle East, or CIS.

RIPE still has a /9 of issuable space, but that is returned/revoked addresses from LIRs, and from the IANA returned pool.

Starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for #IPv4.

Well the update to 6.3 went swimmingly, except the change in input drivers did cause me to lose trackpad scrolling. I'm running on a ThinkPad T400 with XFCE. Anyone have a suggestion?

But wow, Firefox is *so much faster* 🔥🔥🔥

"• If $10 were given for every installation of in the last year from the master site (ignoring the mirrors) we would be at our goal.

• If $2 were given for every download of the source code in the last year from the master site (ignoring the mirrors) we would be at our goal.

• If a penny was donated for every or OpenSSH installed with a mainstream operating system or phone in the last year we would be at our goal."

What's nice about the 0.5m Baker-Nunn telescope at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is that it's a wide field telescope, images about 4 degrees on a side.

This particular image is interesting since the BN was never designed for colour work. This was done using theatrical gels over the aperture.

Jan 2017: Notified OpenSSL, LibreSSL, BoringSSL
4 Apr 2018: Notified OpenSSL again

I did some OpenBSD consulting over the phone today, and the client just sent follow-up mail to say they were VERY (literally in capital letters) happy.

Feels good.

Test. Do animated gifs work here?

How reach South Africa from North Africa.
First test from Algeria, the 2nd from Tunisia.

Hah, I love how @jcs gets his point across with just 7 words in the Subject line:

Who needs prose in the body of email anyway 😀

Whoohoo! Excited because my friend Herdir is visting Berlin and coming over for dinner! 🧀 🍷

Not sure if he's anywhere on mastodon but he's @Herdir on birb shite (where I'm not).
Maybe I can manage to convince him to join us here? 🙃