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@lieselotte @phessler @maliciarogue The privacy policy for the site (in German: reads OK and says they're complying with German regulations (which are relatively good on paper). Not sure where the data is actually stored, though I don't think people seeking to abuse this data would need anything beyond what can be scraped from the site, sadly.
With Anne Roth on the team I'd say this group is definitely acting with good intentions.

Politicians keep ruining my life:
They have been arguing about this for longer than I can remember.
I (like many others) am still danger of getting harrassed by pointless lawsuits until they finally stop arguing and apply some common sense.

@Vigdis I use an SSH VPN with tap(4) devices on laptops (ssh config option 'Tunnel ethernet'). With tap(4) the laptop can use the same IP no matter whether it connects locally or remotely. You could also use tun(4) and a different IP if you don't care about that. IPsec is difficult if you don't know all IPs for both sides in advance (while travelling, you'd need to know ahead of time which public IPs you'll be connecting from to configure gif(4) correctly).

I made a home for my #wifi232 inside an old Apple Modem for my Mac 512ke.

What seemed important a few minutes ago now has escaped my mind. How is that possible? Was what I was thinking not as important as I thought? Or have I lost that important thought forever now? Here's where I was: I was a reading a book of essays by Peter Orner, which inspired the thought I've now lost. Dropped the book. Came here to write it down. Now, rather blank. Except for this, and this is not at all what I meant to write. Yet I wrote it anyway. Go figure.

@Bloggerschmidt The name πfs is (visually) too close to another filesystem that gives many developers nightmares, though.

This guy made a filesystem that doesn't store files, it finds the file in pi and stores the location and bit count.

Entendu dans l'open space de mon espace de coworking "ça c'est un mot de passe que j'utilise souvent"

le fun truc c'est que ce sont des gens qui bossent pour un media d'investigation mediapart-like ( iirc)

@gonzalo Nice rack! I will get real iron, too, one day....

@phessler The good news is that today is Friday!

@Vigdis To master , you must first learn to meditate. Disconnect yourself from your surroundings. Quench any anger and aggression you carry inside of you. Spend some time picturing rotating three-dimensional DAGs in your mind.

Now, you can begin to make sense of the documentation at git-man-page-generator.lokalto (there are other sources, but this one is as good as any) and with just a little bit of patience you will become a true master.

do you ever get so bored of waiting for a program to respond to your ^C that you

" is committed to providing superior service with a distinctive personal touch.
We challenge you to try it, we know you'll love it."

Cover of a BASIC programming guide by Moebius:

Today on -daily we read how malloc canaries ('C') are implemented.