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Stefan Sperling

AIM shuts down tomorrow! someone send me an IM? anyone? lol. i'm bunnyheroSF there 😛

#aim #aol

It's been a long time since my last toot, let's fix that!

"China Built A 250-Acre Solar Power Plant Shaped Like A Giant Panda"

China currently leads all other countries in installed solar capacity and the country is showing no signs of slowing its progress in investing in renewable energy.

The project just began delivering power to a grid in northwestern China, and a second panda is planned for later this year.

So I will have 2 sessions outside the official schedule at .

1. Let's talk about practicalities of internet censorship circumvention

at the Teahouse (datetime to be confirmed)

2. Information Security Theater vs. Investigative Journalism

at the Rights & Freedoms
stage on Tuesday 29th from 13h to 14h.

Stefan's Quintet is a group of 5 galaxies in the constellation Pegasus. Four of the 5 galaxies are an actual compact galaxy group. The fifth is a foreground galaxy in the line of sight.

Spent today writing background scan support for 's iwn driver (for older Intel devices).

Next question: What's for dinner? 🍷 🍽

10 ebooks on hosting your server with #OpenBSD sold already, mostly in Germany. I'm quite surprised and pleased 🤗 . I hope this will guide readers towards further documentation (like those written by @mwlucas)

If you wan't it, it's still 3,49€

Oh, by the way, are there any other dancers ( fanatics, steppers, or hoppers) on mastodon?

Or anyone from who doesn't dance yet but wants to give it a try? If in doubt, you prbably won't regret it 🙃

At the weekly social dance event which followed tonight's dance class, I met an old acquaintance from the first class I ever took. We danced and she told me my first dance partner I started taking classes with now has a 6 months old baby! 🤗

This reminded me how many nice people are part of Berlin's swing dance community. The fact that someone I barely know just shows up unexpectedly and tells me stories about mutual friends I haven't seen in years is just great.

5 jours restants pour financer @LaQuadrature ; et on colle à la barre des 36% 😩

i really need a room in berlin asap if anyone can help k tnx

For anyone who still cares, is preparing a new feature release:

WIP release notes:

I wrote most of the new conflict resolver feature over roughly 2.5 years:

I hope this feature will make the lives of dark matter programmers (and rusty devs) out there much easier. They will now rename things and *also* merge branches!

"Where are the dark matter developers? Probably getting work done."

Lancez #syspatch sur #OpenBSD, un nouveau correctif est disponible

@stsp "Stefan is capable of only a minimal range of evil."

We are excited to present you this year's congress badge, your affordable and sustainable next gen analog companion:

#1bätsch #34c3 #tuwat

So underground train stations now have . It is unencrypted and between stations signal is lost. Which means everyone's phones will try to roam when the train leaves a station.

Can we do something useful with that? Thinking about running an AP on my laptop carried in my bag, with a webserver that redirects everyone to a cached static copy of

Some of the shots from last week #CreativeCommons event at new #ljudmila (Ljubljana Digital Media Lab) space. I'm reading the essays in Made With Creative Commons book right now and its perspective on sustainable CC-based business models is very inspirational, I must say.


PSA: the bitcoin piñata will loose most of its value. The owner who lend us 10 btc wants to spent them on useful projects

Anybody who hasn’t seen Captain Picard singing “Make it So” to the tune of “Let it Snow”, you’re welcome:

#startrek #christmas