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Stefan Sperling

tmux??? more like Ctrl-🅱️mux

A campaign has been launched in #Berlin to reduce the number of billboards and free up public space.

The group behind it, Berlin Werbefrei, says it would help bring back the city's unique character


@Gargron I just realized that Vim bindings are available by default in Mastodon and it made my morning 👍

Currently looks like this turns out to be a misconfigured HTTP git server.

Yes git, I 💗 you too!

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So this week i build a particulate matter sensor using a nodeMCU wifi #IoT thingy:

The data is still from my desk, but i plan to put it outside an measure how dirty #Berlin is.

#editbacklog Usually I like my smartphone images, but this one that is in that small "I wish I had a semi professional camera to shoot this" pile. So much noise to mitigate... even with stacking.


Very faint aurora borealis on top of Orion constellation, also featuring the pleiades. You can actually kind of see the nebula at the belt.

A stack of 3 images. #Iceland. 2017

Edited using #Darktable -> #Hugin -> #imageMagick -> #Darktable -> #Darktable again. Distro of choice is #UbuntuStudio as usual.

#artwithopensource #linuxartists #mastoart #creativetoots #photography #photo #astrophotography

I got this lovely wooden robot for my birthday! 😀 Made by a friend from Slovenia and arrived in the mail a few days ago. Opened the package today.

My most popular toot ever (about the Berlin Wall) is wrong. So annoying. Off by a month. After FEBRUARY 5, the Berlin Wall will have been down longer than it was up.

Starting now the Berlin Wall has been down longer than it was up:
Construction began 13-Aug-1961. Demolition began 9-Nov-1989. 10284 days. 5 January 2018 is 10284 days since the wall began coming down.

I failed to write my ... former PostDoc at University if Cambridge computer labs, interested in formal methods (recent: netsem, a HOL4 model of TCP and sockets API, validated with FreeBSD12 with DTrace), security, network, operating systems. since 4.6, since 1.0. enthusiast who wants to change the world with unikernels. Co-authored TLS in OCaml, working on package signing, , , , back in work at

You don't have to search far. :blobheart:

Cross section of your vascular bundle telling you to have a nice day.. 💞

And since I mentioned my dad: here's half of where I come from:

I think somewhere he mentioned, of which he was proud and in which an old friend of his is still involved. He told me work tales and showed me tools. He convinced one employer to change to all open source software. He ran BSD on SparcStations at home near the end. And for a while he quit engineering to join my mom's photo business. I've been recognized from his blog once.

#roots #smallstories

so LKML is down because it's hosted in this person's home server, which had a power outage andis now waiting for the LUKS passphrase.

this is amazing

"Please note: Due to missing platform vendor specific patches, the Android security patch level will remain December 1, 2017. Protecting our users is our top priority, ..."

Well, you see that's what happens if your trade-offs include binary blobs. And it means your actual top priorities at the time led to picking this specific SoC which you can't keep secure without the vendor which sold it to you. It's OK, just stop pretending the situation was any different.

Hanging out at #berlin based hackerspace heart of code, lovely place, nice people.


#heartofcode #hackerspace

Friends, I'm a French software developer looking for #accommodation / #apartment / #studio in #Berlin, #Germany starting from late January to mid-April (potentially extending my stay until this summer). Would you mind to contact me if you knew anyone that could rent me one ? Thanks !

I missed this post by Anders Fogh a couple of days ago, on the academic work that has lead up to #Meltdown / #Spectre:

"Well, CPU research is much like drawing a map of an uncharted world. Researchers start from known research and proceed into the unknown, and if they find something, they document it and add it to the map. This essentially means that the frontier looks very similar to everybody leading people into the same paths."

Don't need no conspiracy.

#spectre / #meltdown reality check over at the xorl blog:

"The only real victim that this attack is more valuable than privilege escalation attacks is shared hosting providers. Whether that is virtual machines, containers, or anything similar. Those exploitation techniques break the sole business model of those companies. Huge players [..] are selling exactly what Meltdown & Spectre proved that it doesn’t exist, high quality isolation between shared resources."