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Stefan Sperling

Late #introduction:

I'm Klemens, a passionate hobby #cook who's hacking on various projects whenever there's time and need.

I work as systems administrator and fix things to make the world a tiny bit less broken.

Striving for simple and reliable designs, #freesoftware eventually brought me #coreboot and #OpenBSD.

You may also find me on #IRC or at local hackerspaces in #cccffm, #cda.


(Stupid laggy mastodon text input box in firefox 5.6 makes my toots lose letters 😞)

Get your name in the new "SSH Mastery!" Help make the Internet slightly less terrible, and help an author pay his mortgage.

I've got the open source firmware for atheros USB 802.11n devices working on 😀

(firmware source code is at

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@LaQuadrature And why SIP?

I was living in Ireland at the time, but used my Berlin landline number relayed to me via SIP.

Free movemet between member state implies that internet censorship in one member state affects sizable portions of the populations of any other member state. My MEP could not disagree with that, at least not during our conversation (you'll never know what they'll say after hanging up).

Regarding calling your MPs for some cause: It's fun! I would encourage you to try at least once.

Years ago when the "3-strikes" issue came up in France, @LaQuadrature provided a list of european MEPs with phone numbers, which made it super easy. I called, and explained that having my internet cut for whatever reason would block me from participating in the democratic process. The initial response was "Well,but you could still call us!" - Then I explained I was on the line with them over SIP...

Hey people in USA

In december FCC plans another vote to end net neutrality. If you can, call your senator, and make sure they're aware that nobody wants to kill net neutrality besides cable companies. Let the people, not the highest bidder decide. Do what you can

For people in -- there will be dinner (see for context) tonight at 19:00h in Neukölln. Good and cheap pizza/pasta this time. Very friendly crowd. Anyone else want to join? (short notice, sorry)

If you're interested, ask me in private for location info (technically it's not private information but was shared on a members-only mailing list, so I'm not sharing it widely by default).

Cc @samtuke @phessler

aargh why can't I ever find a pen near my desk when I need one

Jérôme Durand (Cisco) aux #JRES014 « http is the new TCP » -> justifie la nécessité de DPI pour classifier les applis HTTP comme on fait du filtrage par port sur TCP.
Et en même temps il parle de faire des tunnels sécurisés entre les postes clients et les serveurs d'application. hmm.. 😞

#Introductions Hi. I'm Mitch. I dig Star Trek. DS9 is the best Star Trek that ever Star Trek'd.

I like alternate reality ideas (except for the Mirror Universe because GOD did they wear that one out) and tend to re-design/re-imagine Trek stuff for fun.

Hey, speaking of, since you guys might actually find this interesting, here are some Starfleet Combadges I designed!

" Hey Stefan!

Your registration has been accepted for: Balboa beginner part 2/#1 (Tuesday 20:15)"

😃 🕺 🎷 🥁 🎶

artists, musicians, creatives!

if you use #opensource / #foss /#floss software such as #krita #gimp #blender #godot #lmms #processing #puredata and others

consider tagging your works with #artwithopensource :)

#creativetoots #mastoart #photography #illustration

@tildetown @stsp and now it reminds me that this community seems to be the right place to share this picture(again)

We have a dwarf fortress succession game! Come join us! see: