Thank you, #Windows 10. Not.

Last year, I had not problem sharing my mobile internet connect from the Windows laptop to other devices using the mobile hotspot function.

This year? Nope. See screenshot. It seems, #Microsoft has added some restriction to that function in Windows 10 1803.

From a comment on the italian Microsoft forum you now need an app from your mobile network provider that allows sharing your network connection. WTF?

@galaxis That's corporations being nice... to each other.

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@stsp Well, at some point someone is going to find out which Registry setting to tweak to get back the old behaviour.
I'm just stuck with this since my mobile OpenWRT accesspoint doesn't find a network anymore ever since O2 and E-Plus merged their networks in Germany last year... I assume I'll have to allow data roaming, but didn't find the appropriate AT command for the USB adapter I'm using, yet...

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