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I'm not getting a whole lot out of BSDNow these days.. used to be they dove into topics with a little more in-depth discussion.. maybe tj@'s talking points made the show, maybe Kris provided the easy listening.

@canadianbryan Overall, I like BSDNow. I dislike, though, that they try to minimize (and sometimes not even cover) HardenedBSD's efforts.

@lattera That's strange, seems closer to the topics they normally cover on FreeBSDNow. Maybe try rebasing on illumos?

@canadianbryan lololol. I think it's because certain people in the FreeBSD community view HardenedBSD as a threat. HardenedBSD's very existence shows FreeBSD's well over a decade behind in security.

@lattera @canadianbryan I think it's because the hosts are all freebsd only users. They need to find folks from the other projects to cycle through as the secondary host like merlyn does on floss weekly.