I love getting patches like this one:

Very simple to write if you know a little bit of C and happen to run into a USB device which is not in the kernel's known device list yet. Every such patch makes it more likely that random devices people pick up in stores will "just work" with .

@stsp A better long term solution is adding the ability of the driver to pick up a new device from a "quirk file". Of course keep the original hard coded list but add the ability to add new devices on the fly.

@Dianora One problem with your suggested approach is that it encourages local config changes which may end up not being shared. Whereas everyone benefits long term from modifications to the default device list in the kernel.

tends to prefer out-of-the-box solutions over config files where possible. If no config file exists, users will be inclined to ask for better defaults instead of tweaking their config.

@stsp Entireley in agreement in the longer term. However, such a mechanism can rescue an install until the next release which includes the device is available.

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