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Google manifesto author witch hunt Show more

@ckeen No, of course he's not gonna understand, much less learn. On NPR it was said he was gonna sue the company. Good riddance.

If I was responsible for managing a work environment, I would fire people doing such things immediately regardless of what the public knew about it. Consider how not doing so would affect other employees, especially those who feel targeted.

@stsp I fully agree on that. But then let's stop the manhunting or inviting the person to talk shows...

@stsp Really the focus on the person is moving away the attention about the discussion of the kind of workplace environment that has been established at google.

Stefan Sperling

@ckeen How so? Questions about the work environment in general were asked in the NPR report I mentioned That is certainly part of the discourse. Perhaps it is not mentioned in media which never asks good questions, but that is not surprising.

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