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Stefan Sperling @stsp

As 's de-facto wifi maintainer, I first learned about this WPA problem in June. A simple patch was provided which I could commit with slight modifications.

The original embargo was already 2 months long, and then extended again for 2 months.

The generall public (you) were left in the dark about this for at least 4 months.

This is a very sad state of affairs. It takes the industry much too long to apply a simple patch.

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@stsp when in june did you get word? How long have they been sitting on this?

@david Sorry, "June" was incorrect. I should have said "July" or "too long ago to accurately remember"...

@stsp Question.

As a consumer, and as someone who has done infra work professionally - I want so bad for full disclosure to be the norm.

@stsp ok that wasn't a question. that was a rant.

My butt, personally and professionally, was waving in the breeze for months. This is not really OK.