@wxcafe I am looking for the video of Remi Locherer's 2017 talk "Branch VPN solution based on OpenBSD, OSPF, RDomains and Ansible".

The only link I can find was part of the raw stream which isn't available anymore: youtu.be/8wuW8lfsVGc?t=12385

Any hints? Do I just suck at searching the web?

@stsp youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo3 If it’s not in there we probably don’t have it published, which is weird. I’ll look when on a computer and see with other people in the association

@wxcafe BTW I was asking on behalf of @luciusf who just signed up now. 🙂

@stsp @wxcafe
Indeed, thanks again.
I’d love to see the video. Thanks for looking into it.

@stsp @wxcafe unfortunately the audio on it was broken, so it never made it to it's own video.

I asked Remi if he had the slides to hand, and he said he was thinking of putting a blog post together at some point.

@stuh84 @stsp ah, right, this was the one where audio recording didn't work! I remember being let down by this cause I was interested in the talk and was recording in another room at the time :/

@wxcafe @stuh84 No worries, there's no way of avoiding such mistakes 100% and overall you did a great job at recording all these talks!

@wxcafe @stsp @stuh84

I managed to catch it during the time the raw stream was live (and basically watched it on mute), interesting stuff from what I could see.

Possibly worth asking Remi about, but he may be sick of people asking (I asked about a day after the stream went live, and he'd apparently had a lot of requests already!)

@stuh84 @stsp maybe he can give it again next year, we might be the ones doing the recording then too and maybe this time it will work :p

@wxcafe @stsp @stuh84 is the audio just scrambled or completely non existing?

@luciusf @wxcafe @stsp @stuh84 it's essentially muted for most of it, 1 seconds audio out of 20 you could hear, then the audio kicked in about 5 minutes from the end

@wxcafe @stuh84 @stsp ah very sad. Thanks for the effort. I love watching them and come back to old recordings quite often

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