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Stefan Sperling @stsp

At a conference today I saw a talk about a Germany non-profit working with school kids in :

This is really important stuff.

They do surveys which show school teachers require children to sign up to proprietary services which kids younger than 13 aren't even able to legally sign up to.

They are trying to teach today's teachers to not ask kids to use WhatsApp or github.

They provide alternative FOSS solutions for schools, such with kid-compatible TOS.

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This IS important.
Use of proprietary, commercial services for children is rampant in public schools in the US. Schools are teaching kids how to use specific services, not general computer skills. School districts are completely oblivious to the costs of vendor lock in, and see it as a blessing when offered an educator discount on these products.


Do you think kids are being encouraged onto proprietary services so that the data can be sold and the children can be more easily catalogued and sorted in terms of psychological or personality traits?