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Stefan Sperling @stsp

Been sick for two days and spent some time reading about our immune system in wikipedia. Somehow having a small glimpse of understanding of what's happening makes me feel better. There's a whole universe of tiny actors in each of us! I'd like to learn and see more but reading gets exhausting fairly quickly in my current state. Can anyone recommend a good documentary to watch?

My favourite type of T-cell has got to be the "virtual memory T-cell". What's yours?

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@stsp I have fond memories of 'Es war einmal .. Das Leben' as a child. It is probably not up to date though :) And it's a children's program.

@ckeen Hah yeah I remember that, too. I'd need something more scientific though πŸ™ƒ

@stsp Not quite scientific or directly immune related, but I collected a bunch of youtube videos with narratives about science advances in our microbiome:

And I found a good talk on the idea of 'tiny actors' covering ants and biological systems (in context of computation) but its a useful perspective to understand cell dynamics