One of the craziest bug fixes from a first-time contributer I've ever seen: Commits break with a checksum error if a delta computed on the server happens to be a multiple of 16kb in size:

This was tracked down patiently by Melissa who showed up on the mailing lists 2 weeks ago when she ran into the problem:

She tracked it down to a variable, left initialized to zero, which should be set to the size of the fulltext:

@hirojin Any such offers are made in private when they are made. So I cannot tell you yes or no.

The project is fairly open to new committers generally. Granting write access to all parts of the code needs consensus among existing committers.

But there's a rule that allows any committer to offer anyone (yes, anyone) "partial commit", e.g. to a subset of the code, or to a branch, for any reason at any time.
This rule is important because SVN is not a distributed VCS.

@hirojin Oh, and I think we're somewhat special among Apache projects because anyone with an account has write access enabled on the /subversion directory in the ASF SVN repository (access rules on paths in this repository are managed separately per project).

So when someone mails a patch from an address we review it and ask "please commit" :thinkerguns:

Not sure how many other >100 projects at the ASF do that. The culture isn't as fearless everywhere in ASF, I think.

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