Whoohoo! Excited because my friend Herdir is visting Berlin and coming over for dinner! πŸ§€ 🍷

Not sure if he's anywhere on mastodon but he's @Herdir on birb shite (where I'm not).
Maybe I can manage to convince him to join us here? πŸ™ƒ

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@maloki @stsp when you're on a small instance and someone recommends your instance you feel proud, lol

@charlag @maloki Oh birb site is a mastodon instance? Sorry I didn't know - I meant to say he's on twitter 😞

@stsp @maloki yeah, "birdsite" or "birbsite" is twitter, but birb dot site is not

@stsp so what is the update? Did you manage to persuade them?

@stsp also lol at birb shite / burb.site 🐳

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