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Stefan Sperling

(refugee women) anti-afd demonstration on the river spree

The t-shirt art for port hackathons at Nantes ( and ) is based on Les Machines de l'île. It is not hard to see why!

Been passing this wall painting on my way to work. Today in the sunshine it is super impressive!

Test. Do animated gifs work here?

jttps:// war heute als "Bundeszentrale für poetische Bildung" in der Amerikanischen Gedenkbibliothek in und hat lyrische Bestellungen entgegen genommen. Für mich wurde ein Bild in einem polnischen Comics aus einem Regal der AGB übersetzt:

My neighbour's daughter made a cute puffy for me at school:

And of course it runs systemd! I guess that means everything will be fine?

I got this lovely wooden robot for my birthday! 😀 Made by a friend from Slovenia and arrived in the mail a few days ago. Opened the package today.

Does someone in want a piece of my dismantled modular 19" ? @gonzalo maybe you wanna stash a machine or two in your new flat?