anja's cam shot much better pics of the than my phone did

Cc @benno

Very bad quality, but if you zoom in two red smudges should appear. The larger one is the moon and the smaller one is Mars.

Post-hackathon activity: Foreging local forests for mushrooms!
(only one of these is edible AFAIK)

Well, I broke my x250's power button connector while trying to swap in a new display. Modern laptop cables are too sensitive! (actually I'm just not good at all with hardware)

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The t-shirt art for port hackathons at Nantes ( and ) is based on Les Machines de l'île. It is not hard to see why!

Been passing this wall painting on my way to work. Today in the sunshine it is super impressive!

jttps:// war heute als "Bundeszentrale für poetische Bildung" in der Amerikanischen Gedenkbibliothek in und hat lyrische Bestellungen entgegen genommen. Für mich wurde ein Bild in einem polnischen Comics aus einem Regal der AGB übersetzt:

My neighbour's daughter made a cute puffy for me at school:

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