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Stefan Sperling

@romanzolotarev You can always get some usb dongle. Not great but better than nothing.

@romanzolotarev Built-in wifi definitely won't work. No idea about the rest.

Post-hackathon activity: Foreging local forests for mushrooms!
(only one of these is edible AFAIK)

So network manager on linux contains 84104 lines of code.

@phessler: "hang on, scroll to the right, we might miss a digit."

So network manager on linux contains 841045 lines of code...

Thanks @qbit for the nice reply and providing the numbers.

IT'S IN!!!!! #openbsd #wifi #g2k18 #hackathon

"""Introduce 'auto-join' to the wifi 802.11 stack.

This allows a system to remember which ESSIDs it wants to connect to, any
relevant security configuration, and switch to it when the network we are currently connected to is no longer available.

Works when connecting and switching between WPA2/WPA1/WEP/clear encryptions.

example hostname.if:
join home wpakey password
join work wpakey mekmitasdigoat
join open-lounge
inet6 autoconf

@Ninjatrappeur It's an ips but I haven't seen it in action yet...

Well, I broke my x250's power button connector while trying to swap in a new display. Modern laptop cables are too sensitive! (actually I'm just not good at all with hardware)

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Version Control Systems, Art, Question, Fossil SCM Show more

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@pamela @mwlucas Can you make an emojo that has a puffer fish swimming in a beer glass? Asking for a friend.

Do you think they used the opportunity to dig in and spread fibreoptics? Of course not. #germany

@gonzalo See? That's why I don't use DE layout ever. :thinkerguns:

@alcinnz I can tell you this is not a well organized campaign.

On the publishers' side, though, I am pretty sure that's a different story.

Nobody is asking for exceptions. Wikipedia doesn't want the exception. They want Art13 fixed for everyone. So does everyone else.

Apparently the publishers are going bananas about involvement in . They sent this to ALL MEPs:

I find it absolutely hilarious!

As a partner organisation of @torservers, we are appalled by the raids at Zwiebelfreunde e.V. and CCC Augsburg.

Raiding houses of witnesses on a flimsy pretext is incompatible with the rule of law – even more so in this case where there is no credible connection between the so-called witnesses and the case.

We suspect that the real motives of the Munich public prosecutor are intimidation and illegal information gathering about freedom activists.