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Stefan Sperling

(refugee women) anti-afd demonstration on the river spree

Ich fahr jetzt mal eine crew suchen... 🚴

surviver Philipp Sonntag gave a speech at outside the Bundestag building and confirmed from living memory that statements made by AFD today are indistuingishable from those of the NSDAP in the 1930s

Ich wünsche allen Gegendemonstrant*innen in #Berlin heute viel Erfolg! ✊ Danke, dass ihr da seid, lasst euch nicht einschüchtern und passt aufeinander auf! 💪 #StopptDenHass #NoAfD #KeinFussBreit #wegbassen

@reticuleena +1

Ich fahr jetzt hin und bleibe in jedem Fall friedlich 🙃 Hab zur Übung schonmal mit techno mucke gefrühstückt.

@Nihl Basically the correct way to do it is to configure IPv6 flows as well as IPv4 ones if you care about v6. Whereas using iked's -6 option leaves your VPN clients vulnerable to dual-stack traffic leakage.

@Nihl You should probably read and consider its implications.

@Nihl Sounds like you want iked's -6 option?

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It's always a bit of a gamble because dancing can be a confidence-crushing experience for me on nights when it just won't work out, i.e. won't feel good and fun for me and/or dance partners. And when it works well it's a huge confidence booster. I can never tell in advance which it is going to be on a given night. It depends a lot on the vibe I get from others. Having friends around can help but avoiding to dance with strangers is kind of missing the point of this hobby... 🤔

Went out dancing tonight for the first time since winter. By now it is outdoor dance event season. The venue was a beer garden near Görlitzer Park. My movements felt awkwardly unsure and out of balance at first, but many friendly people around and pretty lighting from strings of colorful lightbulbs hung up in a tree and great tunes made me loosen up eventually and go with the flow. It turned out to be a great night out 🙃 🎷 🥁 💃 🕺

akoshibe@, pd@, and some non-#OpenBSD'ers are having a mini-hackathon up near Yosemite for the long weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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"ratchov@ modified sys/dev/audio.c: Add a "record.enable" mixer knob to control recording. When recording is disabled, the device records silence. The control may be modified only by root and defaults to "off", ie. recording is disabled by default. ok florian, deraadt"

In case any #Berlin people haven't heard about it: there are multiple demonstrations happening tomorrow, 1 AfD (extreme right wing) and 4 counter demonstrations. Please come all to one of the counter demonstrations!

@Maltimore I will be at "Stoppt den Hass" tomorrow - and I too hope to see many people there!