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Stefan Sperling

"Community owned #coop ISPs are one answer to #NetNeutrality rules being broken.
Geeks Without Bonds wants to help communities across the US to create Internet Co-ops by offering educational resources, coordinating bulk equipment orders to lower the cost of start up and maintenance of services, and connecting co-ops together to build the advantages that large corporations get to take for granted. We're building a guide to help plan your network and launch your service."

I have been attending these events for decades now and I am astonished how supportive and self healing they are even in the face of being 100 times larger now. It may not all be good and among the 20k attendants are surely idiots and assholes that need to be acted upon.

But in my experience the majority of people are like sam: Interested in shaping this event in a positive, welcomming and constructive way. Usually without making a fuss about it.


@mcscx @jaj The problem is that it is not enough RAM for relinking the kernel, which in 6.2 happens after boot and during syspatch. The system could still run with custom tweaks but in the particular case we wanted to use these machines for such tweaks are not worth the extra time and stability risk. So even just slightly more modern hardware will serve us better.

@jaj 64MB soldered on, RAM can't be upgraded. Perhaps they would still run somewhat if given more swap space on the CF card, but more likely two such machines (owned by a friend) will now go to recycling. They had been left running for many years with OpenBSD 3.something and didn't like the upgrade to 6.2 very much at all...

this quote from Bunnie Huang is, i think, probably the best justification for proactive correction of biases i've seen

star wars was okay (i guess) but the continuing, unexplained absence of captain jean luc picard is highly troubling. why create these wonderful characters if youre going to throw them away

Est-ce que des gens de #Nantes ou #Rennes ont prévu d'aller au FOSDEM ? Fort possible que j'ai 4 places disponibles dans une voiture pour le voyage de retour.

@even_more_damned_muteKi I think you can do so, based on my understanding of US copyright which is largely based on articles from such as this one:

6.2 on soekris net4501 on a 2GB CF card with default partition layout during reorder_kernel:

CPU states: 1.2% user, 0.0% nice, 98.3% system, 0.5% interrupt, 0.0% idle

Memory: Real: 23M/49M act/tot Free: 1036K Cache: 2280K Swap: 64M/64M

Who can spot the problem? 🙃

AIM shuts down tomorrow! someone send me an IM? anyone? lol. i'm bunnyheroSF there 😛

#aim #aol

@v6shell You could also build just libutil from -current source as a workaround.

It's been a long time since my last toot, let's fix that!

"China Built A 250-Acre Solar Power Plant Shaped Like A Giant Panda"

China currently leads all other countries in installed solar capacity and the country is showing no signs of slowing its progress in investing in renewable energy.

The project just began delivering power to a grid in northwestern China, and a second panda is planned for later this year.

So I will have 2 sessions outside the official schedule at .

1. Let's talk about practicalities of internet censorship circumvention

at the Teahouse (datetime to be confirmed)

2. Information Security Theater vs. Investigative Journalism

at the Rights & Freedoms
stage on Tuesday 29th from 13h to 14h.

@kl3 Just regular herbes de provence.

Stefan's Quintet is a group of 5 galaxies in the constellation Pegasus. Four of the 5 galaxies are an actual compact galaxy group. The fifth is a foreground galaxy in the line of sight.