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@stsp it was 22:18 CEST and ISS in reality passing just under jupiter, though it actually mismatched slightly with what #stellarium showed, even though using location "Berlin Schoeneberg".

I said something wrong on the internet and @neeels signed up to correct me. Welcome!

@satchmoz In the long term people will cry in disappointment when the company eventually tanks or gets bought and corrupted. But something else will replace it. Alternatives will be able to step in at the right moment.

Meanwhile, grown-up open source projects which have existed much longer mostly still run their own infrastructure, so it's _not_ going to brielfy take out absolutely everything.

Oh no no no wrong again, it was at 22:44 in fact 🙃

Correction: The time was around 20;44 (sun sets on Berlin around 9pm at this time of year).

Coincidentally spotted the last night from our roof top. Light from the setting sun in the west illuminated an object moving eastwards across the clear sky at rather incredible speed. At first it looked like a very fast airplane but it had no blinking lights, it was just a single spot of light. A friend noted the current time (18:44) when it had moved past Jupiter which could also be seen, and later looked up the object in and confirmed that what we saw was indeed the ISS 😀 🛰 ✨

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@stsp Sonntag ist Sternfahrt 🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️

We really need a #failed project #archive in material science or at least #solar energy materials..
Its sad that all my #effort put into investigating a material goes wasted if it doesn't work.
It would be very nice if people are able to #publish their failed stuff and still get due credit...may be such an initiative also help overcome fear of publishing open access bcoz its a failed project..

Got OpenBSD connected to wifi with just the man pages, and then changed the oil on my car. Is this what cismales call being "alpha"?

#berlin #neukölln #festival #Rassismus
Offenes Neukölln
Freitag, 1. Juni // Samstag, 2. Juni // Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

Zum zweiten Mal findet dieses Jahr das Festival „Offenes Neukölln“ statt – für ein vielfältiges und solidarisches Neukölln. Alle Neuköllner*innen sind herzlich eingeladen, drei Tage lang gemeinsam zu feiern und zu diskutieren.

Auf über 150 Veranstaltungen gibt es gibt viel zu Lernen, zu Feiern, zu Staunen und zu Diskutieren!

Mit dabei sind Kulturvereine, politische Initiativen und Parteien, Künstler*innen, Kneipen, Kinos und Clubs, Kirchen- und Moscheegemeinden, Gartenprojekte, Jugendzentren und Kiezinitiativen sowie Museen und Buchhandlungen.
Will you be my new colleague at @fsfe? We're looking for a team player in #Berlin working on our #policy campaigns and communicating our message to political actors. Apply now! #jobsinberlin #job #freesoftware

So what are the plans for this weekend, ?

It looks like tomorrow there will be thunder and rain ⛈ Looks like we'll mostly stay indoors?

Can we have another protest on Sunday like last week? :toot: Failing that, there's outdoor swing at Jockel's Beergarden on Sunday afternoon from 2pm onwards, which should be fun 🙃

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