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Stefan Sperling

"Speculating about Intel" by Theo de Raadt. A lunchtime BoF at #BSDCan

Yes, it will be livestreamed.

Like, all of us out here on the internet can hear when henning and bob enter a room...

Just a FYI to people at in the front rows near cameras: Your conversations are being live-streamed, even during the breaks.

Waiting for akoshibe's talk about on to start...


If I got things right, her talk should appear on this live stream real soon now:

Watch it with me!

RT (for those who missed it, i.e: me :blobpats: ) The live streams can be found over at

Galaxies tend to be found in clusters. This one is Abell 2666. The second images show the 11 galaxies visible.
... and following commits. Not fully ready yet, but
thanks to kettenis@ work on inter-process futexes, #OpenBSD is going to switch to DRI3 for X.Org and Mesa soon.

Todd Mortimer just landed his mitigation work (aka -fret-protector) into -current, and enabled by default.

Do bicycles dream of diesel cars?

#openbsd works on PC Engines' APU4: (and I worked it out myself, without having to pester @stsp about it, w00t!