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Stars between about 1 times the mass of the Sun and 6-8 times the mass of the Sun end their days as a white dwarf after becoming a planetary nebula. Some planetary nebulae shown: Owl Nebula, Ring Nebula, and Dumbbell Nebula.

Let's stop the Copyright Directive's upload filter! Say no to the #CensorshipMachine Sign the open letter "Save code share!" #FixCopyright #SaveYourInternet

Oh look, Theo de Raadt seems to confirm my feeling regarding Intel Hyperthreading that I tooted about yesterday:

See also this discussion/rant (with @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2) about Hyperthreading from January:

The EU is about to update #Article13 to force sites to use YouTube-style content filters on all uploads.

This is a terrible idea:

Some MEPS are already fighting back:

but they need as many allies as possible:

Please email/call your MEP as soon as you can (as in today!), tell them that these changes are dangerous to European freedom, business and culture.

List of MEPs & contacts:


If you live in the EU and have 10 minutes to spare, calling a European deputy to pressure him to vote against the next copyright law[1] might be a good idea[2].

There's currently a strong lobbying in favor of this law [3] and the vote will probably be tight.


bypassed the linear regulator, removed the RF modulator and added a VGA port to my Super Famicom! so tired...

It has occurred to me that we don't know where all the #trekkies are hiding.

#startrek #deepspacenine #DS9 #enterprise #voyager #STDiscovery #STOS #kaaahn #nextgeneration #klingon #picard #spock #kirk #uhura #worf #vulcan #romulan #borg #bajoran #ferengi !

Where should we meet?
Oh, sorry, it's obvious.

That would make a great instance name by the way.

Oh, and another thing: If it is so hard to fix that you need a half year embargo to fix it, and then fail at fixing it, maybe you should cut your losses and go full disclosure so that your customers can decide if they want to take the risk or maybe switch vendors.

My life is swirling sewage-laden toilet bowl right now, but the world needs an article on OpenBSD "breaking embargos."

If other people find the sources, I'll take an hour and hammer them into a post.

Post original mailing list and article links in answer to this toot. Or don't. Whatevs.

I'll credit folks, of course.

My bias on this: there were fubars, like the 8 out of 10 OpenSSL bug. They'll argue against embargos over beer, but if they agree to it they'll keep it.

responsible disclosure 

Wow. Constanze und Frank haben einmal fett draufgehauen. Liest sich weg, sehr gut gemacht, ihr zwei!

@akpoff I'm losing most of the respect I had for Cantrill. So, he was in the cool kids club, had lots of notice, and claims to have been fighting for the little guy.

"The CVE was absolutely going public; all Theo did was marginally accelerate the timeline, which in turn has resulted in systems not being as prepared as they otherwise could be."

Nice vague term, marginally. Oh, and those prepared systems? Just those of the in crowd like Cantrill.

I've watched Cantrill give more caustic talks.

Slides for Ayaka Koshibe (akoshibe@)'s "Mininet on - Using rdomains for interactive SDN testing and development" talk at 2018:

Must have had a really good time at @bsdcan as I already set up the #BSD #Pizza Night event for this month!

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