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An important piece of context I'm not sure everybody has: OpenSSH is the single best piece of computer networking software ever made. It is the Swiss army knife of networking, an internet power user's chef's spatula.

I wanna make sure we're on the same page about this.

heard there is a openbsd kernel patch you should be running which hangs your computer on startup until computers are verified safe to use again

Julia Reda (EU, MEP pirate party)
'We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to #SaveYourInternet'

'Some are blaming the EU for the vote for #UploadFilters and #LinkTax, but don’t be fooled: Anti-EU politicians like #ENF voted in favour of both articles! Without them, the Link Tax would have been rejected. Now help me #FixCopyright in the plenary vote in July'

infografic about who voted what about to follow.

insect, colorful 

@mala Your NPR interview about the EU copyright proposal was broadcast on KCRW just now 👌

Stars between about 1 times the mass of the Sun and 6-8 times the mass of the Sun end their days as a white dwarf after becoming a planetary nebula. Some planetary nebulae shown: Owl Nebula, Ring Nebula, and Dumbbell Nebula.

This puffer fish has just received a compliment for the first time

Let's stop the Copyright Directive's upload filter! Say no to the #CensorshipMachine Sign the open letter "Save code share!" #FixCopyright #SaveYourInternet

Oh look, Theo de Raadt seems to confirm my feeling regarding Intel Hyperthreading that I tooted about yesterday:

See also this discussion/rant (with @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2) about Hyperthreading from January:

If you live in the EU and have 10 minutes to spare, calling a European deputy to pressure him to vote against the next copyright law[1] might be a good idea[2].

There's currently a strong lobbying in favor of this law [3] and the vote will probably be tight.


bypassed the linear regulator, removed the RF modulator and added a VGA port to my Super Famicom! so tired...

It has occurred to me that we don't know where all the #trekkies are hiding.

#startrek #deepspacenine #DS9 #enterprise #voyager #STDiscovery #STOS #kaaahn #nextgeneration #klingon #picard #spock #kirk #uhura #worf #vulcan #romulan #borg #bajoran #ferengi !

Where should we meet?
Oh, sorry, it's obvious.

That would make a great instance name by the way.

Oh, and another thing: If it is so hard to fix that you need a half year embargo to fix it, and then fail at fixing it, maybe you should cut your losses and go full disclosure so that your customers can decide if they want to take the risk or maybe switch vendors.

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