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@AFresh1 @phessler @canadianbryan Hah. I bet there's a Perl script involved that needs a patch :)

@gonzalo Nice, will move here or is it remote? Come and hang out with @phessler and me!

Don't forget that this project stays alive thanks to continuous support via donations.

There are a few ways you can help us continue our work. Direct donations via paypal

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@phessler We should start a "commit on Tuesdays" effort to balance out our stats.

New law in : We can finally share without getting abused by the content industry.
However, content providers can ask us to block certain websites or ports. However, most people
(including myself, thanks for asking) lack the technical expertise to configure their devices to do that.

Running regress tests to prepare a release. Haven't done that in a while. It makes me feel so nostalgic.

@phessler And how come neither of the two of us commits on Tuesdays? How could that happen?

@phessler Always taking August and December off, eh?

La bonne nouvelle du jour : le vote pour le mariage homosexuel en Allemagne. 393 députés pour, 226 contre (dont Merkel). 🏳️‍🌈 ❤

Hey, good news everyone!

Germany just legalized same-sex marriage!

Sure, it was a cheap gesture to remove it from being a campaign issue for the national elections later this year. But still, it's now allowed!

@phessler \o/

And regarding the upcoming election, keep this in mind, Germans:

"Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel stimmt dagegen"

@Vigdis @AFresh1 But I don't know either why it starts up an editor by default. I could live without that for sure.

@AFresh1 @Vigdis I put such comments to link to CVEs or relevant issues in upstream bug trackers. Gives readers some context.

Complete test results for HFSC with #FQ_CoDel.

The idea is to simulate a 10Mbit/s modem in front of an #OpenBSD firewall (#APU2) and make sure you can download stuff, watch youtube and skype. All at the same time! :-)