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Stefan Sperling

Don't forget that this project stays alive thanks to continuous support via donations.

There are a few ways you can help us continue our work. Direct donations via paypal

Or monthly and weekly support via,
or Liberapay:

On we are 8 supporters away from 750 patrons! Our stretch goal of $5000 means we can make another hire!

New law in : We can finally share without getting abused by the content industry.
However, content providers can ask us to block certain websites or ports. However, most people
(including myself, thanks for asking) lack the technical expertise to configure their devices to do that.

Running regress tests to prepare a release. Haven't done that in a while. It makes me feel so nostalgic.

La bonne nouvelle du jour : le vote pour le mariage homosexuel en Allemagne. 393 députés pour, 226 contre (dont Merkel). 🏳️‍🌈 ❤

Hey, good news everyone!

Germany just legalized same-sex marriage!

Sure, it was a cheap gesture to remove it from being a campaign issue for the national elections later this year. But still, it's now allowed!

Complete test results for HFSC with #FQ_CoDel.

The idea is to simulate a 10Mbit/s modem in front of an #OpenBSD firewall (#APU2) and make sure you can download stuff, watch youtube and skype. All at the same time! :-)

First test results of HFSC using #FQ_CoDel as a queue manager display a crazy improvement in latency (200ms -> 6ms on average). This is what you want to do on your home/office #OpenBSD router connected to a modem.

Is it OK to admit that collaboration is a complicated beast? I love aspects of collaboration that bring out the best in people. There is no better feeling than riffing off each other's ideas, like an intricate jazz piece. But more people means more voices, and more voices can bring tension. Who remains silent, and when? Who takes the stage, and why? It's always a dance, and some of us dance flat-footed. I am deep into this right now with a summer camp project. It will be OK.

Pour se prendre une exécution distante de code arbitraire en passant par le DNS, il y systemd.
Pour le tout le reste, il y a des résolveurs dont c’est le boulot de faire du DNS ;)

@cypnk i've been thinking about building a very similar project since november! even including e-ink

i'm inspired by early-90s subnotebooks like the gateway handbook and HP omnibook. it seems like a really overlooked form factor - exactly big enough to type on and no larger, and with a good quality keyboard

Wow, this reads like used to read , but in reverse:

(Disclaimer: I am an upstream developer, and I have friends who are upstream developers -- we sometimes buy beer for each other)


The SNES Classic is a Thing.

And one of the games is StarFox 2.

That is not a typo. They're releasing StarFox 2. Someone needs to buy this and dump the ROM.

Proposing a new #LibreMonday recurring #hashtag. Who's in?

The idea: #showcase free/libre and open source source (#FLOSS) projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us #Mastodon users discover hidden gems of the #FreeSoftware ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!
Mayers Vorschlag: Das Hotel etwa ist dran, wenn es sein Netzwerk ohne Passwort für jeden zugänglich macht und jemand darin Schindluder treibt. Wer das nicht will, soll es mit einem Passwort schützen. "Das ist mit dem Vorteil verbunden, dass man dann im Einzelfall nachvollziehen kann, welcher konkrete Gast welche Seiten aufgerufen hat", erklärt Mayer.

Herr Mayer, Sie brauchen Nachhilfe in IT Sicherheit.