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Well that is more progress than I expected in one week. But I've had help from French people (such as landry@ who just left).

ok, good. I was getting worried.

I'm hacking in the wireless stack, and hadn't seen any kernel panics until just now. i was wondering where they were...

I'm happy for all ignorant activists, journalists and students who lost access to their #googledocs.
That's the only way ignorant people realize an issue. They need to be directly effected by themself so that they start to rethink behavior.
So thx #google for making that move :)

looking for something better then googledocs?
Just a pen and a paper is already better!

looking for good #opensource software?

- #cryptpad
- #onlyoffice
- #etherpad
- #libreOffice via #webDav
- #collabora

I'm now home from . Was a big success, lots of (first time!) participants from the region, and lots of excellent presentations.

The slides/video/stenographer transcripts are up at

So, heads up: if you aren't getting any reply to a DM or followers-only, and you are on a Mastodon 2.0 instance, check that the recipient is using Mastodon 1.6 or later. Otherwise the message has just been *silently* dropped in the first place.

So my phone has finally received a patch for .

I am disappointed with this disclosure process.

If it the process had worked as advertised, my phone would have received a patch on the day of disclosure.

If full disclosure had happened on 19 May 2017 (when the paper was submitted for review), my phone would likely have been patched long ago.

Saw this bunch of Californians playing live tonight. It was rad.

Their recordings sound relatively relaxed. They came across more heavy playing live. Both nice.

Threw a couple 10 Euro bills into the band's donation bucket and got "Cult Country" on CD 💿 :)

Cc: @phessler

When the backup tool runs into the system's process limit while trying to restore your backup... :(

Right click; View Source


Oh come on NPR, you believe we didn't know about base64?

100% |**************************************************| 104 MB 00:31
109992045 bytes received in 31.07 seconds (3.38 MB/s)

I fell on my back while wearing my armor and lay there waving my arms and legs in the air for several hours

Interesting technique by Todd Mortimer to reduce the number of gadgets on x86 even further:

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