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Stefan Sperling

ok , with the new firefox on OpenBSD, the laptop has a fast browser again it seems...

After one week, I am still wired to wake up at 5am in Canada. Always ahead of sunlight 🌜

Is anyone on here experienced with #Braille? I have a question I need to ask about a handmade gift that I'm commissioning soon for the person I'd usually ask about these things. Preferably looking for someone who uses Braille regularly. Please boost.

@Wolf480pl @stsp I'm more afraid it will become a victim of a horrible act when they run out of toilet paper.

When people open google maps over the access point I brought to , the map is centered at my house.


@Gargron Sorry, but when the bug is just trying an empty password, "responsible disclosure" isn't.

I'm planning to organize a but also a general mastodon meetup as self organized session at #34c3

Who is interested?

Proud to release a first glimpse of our #34C3 Fahrplan. Please #tuwat and help by using our tool!

@stsp it’s a feature! Otherwise your body wouldn’t burn all the maple syrup you ate ;)

Opened my first #Mastodon #pullrequest!

Mostly a test to get some confidence in this codebase, but hopefully it won't be closed without at least some discussion!