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ok wow just got my first let's encrypt certificate :)

using my own udns primary and secondary server code (now supports caa as well)

and i extended ocaml-letsencrypt from maker (is he on mastodon?) to use nsupdate (+tsig) from my dns implementation mentioned above.

the certificate signing request was btw done using @yomimono ocaml-certify

that was a nice friday evening :D

#openbsd up and running on an old PowerBook g4. Because of, ya know, current events.

Tube patched and nasty tiny piece of glass removed from tire. If only patching CPUs was this simple...

While I couldn't get much out of google project zero's blog post, I find the paper surprisingly accessible. A CS undergrad who has read about basics of CPU design (e.g. the first few chapters of Tanenbaum's "Structured Computer Organization") should be able to follow this paper! I hope anyone who designs CPUs of the future will read it.

Some understanding of CPU chache side channels will help. These have been described in e.g. cparcival's hyperthreading paper:

1 BTC | ? USD
1 BCH | ? USD
1 ETH | ? USD
1 ETC | 31.98 USD
1 LTC | 240.13 USD
1 ZEC | 536.38 USD
1 EUR | 1.19 USD

I have created a #Librepay account for donations to me. I intend to use any monies to cover my open-source work, and for hosting this instance.

Since donations through the service are anonymous, I don't know if, or how much, people have donated.

Disadvantage of not working from home: Bicycle tire punctures cost a lot of time and money...

Today I ran 'sudo usermod -G wireshark stsp' on .

On this command adds 'stsp' to the 'wireshark' group, keeping membership in other groups intact.

On ubuntu, 'stsp' is added to the 'wireshark' group and *removed* from any other groups 🤦 The desktop crashes. Root access is now lost since 'stsp' is no longer in the 'sudo' group. I then learned about usermod's -a option, but I like 's -G default better.

I took a detour into recovery mode to fix up /etc/group. is a mastodon instance running in #vmm on #openbsd.

I'm too lazy to make proper rc.d scripts yet, but will do that "soon".

remind-me: 2 years.

Well apparently I'm early and nobody is here yet. The friendly neighbour says Tuesday's 10 o'clock meeting is more likely at 10pm than 10am 🤷

Starting a new job today at Sysmocom. Curious to see what's waiting for me 🙂

USB will be great! Finally, a single serial port spec! Say goodbye to that confusing mess of incompatible connectors!

*spends half an hour on Slack with a fellow hacker trying to figure out what kind of USB adapter they need*

Just watched @qrs's talk about NERF and enjoyed it very much! This is very important work.

One thing which was left unclear to me: I wonder if kexec() will only boot Linux kernels or if NERF could in principle boot other kernels (such as *BSD) as well.

so camera reads automatickly codes and show you the link on screen, is pretty scary, specially if you are on taking pictures to stuff

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