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Later today there's gonna be the bi-monthly Mastodon/Diaspora meetup in Berlin: starting around 19:00 at Lehrter Straße 53


#berlin #mastodon #diaspora #meetup #29-jan-2018

The Horsehead nebula is a dark nebula in the constellation of Orion. We see it because of glowing gas behind it. In this image blue is [OIII] light , green H alpha, and red [SII].

If you're a Mastodon contributor or Ruby developer who wants to help or whatever, this bug seems to be haunting me for months against all the fixes I throw at it. At this point I'd really just appreciate if somebody with a fresh mind tried debugging it...

If you want to do angry calls against support staff, please make sure you are right. Also, don't ever do angry calls against support staff.

Since my ill-spent fantasy youth my default for a figure–esp. a 'monster'–is to give it a cool sword, so it can be more interesting for me to think abt what they're doing if it's Not violent/brandishy. Here's a using their sensitive hands

you can support my art+writing here:
🌟&!🌟As a goblin week special, if you buy me a coffee & leave a word in your comment I'll draw a goblin based on your word!

With the leftovers from last night I am going to be eating and all week 😋

@pertho If I remember correctly .. I had to set it in 3 or 4 places too :(

Birthdays exist so that once a year we throw a party for friends and thus feel compelled to hoover the *entire* flat before people arrive. 🤔

@mwlucas @viciousviscosity german efficiency is almost as big of a lie as the myth of german beer superiority.

A campaign has been launched in #Berlin to reduce the number of billboards and free up public space.

The group behind it, Berlin Werbefrei, says it would help bring back the city's unique character


@Gargron I just realized that Vim bindings are available by default in Mastodon and it made my morning 👍

Currently looks like this turns out to be a misconfigured HTTP git server.

Yes git, I 💗 you too!

error: garbage at end of loose object '507fdf0038d559be89a01fcb78e806ad3cd24dd2

00000460 |.{.=.....'@.X..C|
00000470 |...s....4..W..{.|
00000480 |....y.J..wh<.E.G|
00000490 |c....[.....=..=.|
000004a0 ||
000004b0 |...kU%.."x..Ze..|
000004c0 |.j.bN....c^. cla|
000004d0 |ss='sub right'>S|
000004e0 |ylvain Munaut</t|
000004f0 |d></tr></table>.|
00000500 |<table class='ta|
00000510 |bs'><tr><td>.<a |
00000520 |href='/pysim/abo|

So this week i build a particulate matter sensor using a nodeMCU wifi #IoT thingy:

The data is still from my desk, but i plan to put it outside an measure how dirty #Berlin is.

#editbacklog Usually I like my smartphone images, but this one that is in that small "I wish I had a semi professional camera to shoot this" pile. So much noise to mitigate... even with stacking.


Very faint aurora borealis on top of Orion constellation, also featuring the pleiades. You can actually kind of see the nebula at the belt.

A stack of 3 images. #Iceland. 2017

Edited using #Darktable -> #Hugin -> #imageMagick -> #Darktable -> #Darktable again. Distro of choice is #UbuntuStudio as usual.

#artwithopensource #linuxartists #mastoart #creativetoots #photography #photo #astrophotography

I got this lovely wooden robot for my birthday! 😀 Made by a friend from Slovenia and arrived in the mail a few days ago. Opened the package today.

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