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At a conference today I saw a talk about a Germany non-profit working with school kids in :

This is really important stuff.

They do surveys which show school teachers require children to sign up to proprietary services which kids younger than 13 aren't even able to legally sign up to.

They are trying to teach today's teachers to not ask kids to use WhatsApp or github.

They provide alternative FOSS solutions for schools, such with kid-compatible TOS.

Many planetary nebula, such as M 2-9 shown here in this Hubble image, are bipolar, that is have two lobes to each side of the central star. We don't have a clear idea on why this happens.

Graphite, watercolor, and metallic pigment on Arches 140 lb watercolor paper.
Created for the Changeling Artist Collective's 2018 Operation Gaia Charity Auction that benefits the National Audubon Society.

Lots of beautiful art see from lots of amazingly skilled artists.
For more information

@_xhr_ I think you'd have to loan us Matthew Dillon for a few weeks.

> please enter your legal name
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To be honest, I'm super annoyed by accounts that are basically only cross-platform retweeting. If all your mastodon contributions start with "RT …" … what are you doing here? Could you at least post those as follower-only?

Awesome read about Meltdown protection, crazy kernel stuff and the collaboration between , and

@liw Hah, right? You'll probably appreciate this story then: My first conference talk was about a very early version of XCB, and I was 17 and totally nervous about public speaking. I was trying to be very diplomatic about Xlib's, um, faults. But Jim Gettys, who wrote the first version of libX11 in a few days in 1987, was in the front row of my audience, and kept interrupting me to say, "No, Xlib is much worse than that!"

I want to play with #OpenBSD switchd(8) and ryu (, I've never really went in-depth with OpenFlow but I really want to try and see what I can do.

#OpenSSH just gained it's first post-quantum signature algorithm, the eXtended Merkle Signature Scheme (XMSS):

I am looking for tests of an diff that affects several drivers: iwn(4), iwm(4), athn(4), wpi(4)

This is in response to (⚠️ potential confusion alert: That post contains top-posting!)

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