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"There is an option (-D) in the TITAN compiler which disables generation of user and time information into the files."

You know.... I would have saved several hours of my life time if that option had been LISTED IN YOUR 👺 💩 MAN PAGE among all the other ones which are already listed there.

OK... Let's calm down and figure out where to submit a patch to their man page....

Most friendly interaction on misc@ I've had in a while:

It is necessary to say "no" to other people's requests sometimes, and it feels great when that answer is respected.

@kristapsdz Just realized that kcaldav didn't make the cut for 6.3. It has been marked as broken in ports since January after a kgci update 😕 I suppose I'll have to take a look at updating it... for now, the old 6.2 kcaldav package still seems to run on my system after upgrading to 6.3.

Is this where all the edgy people go now that is established? I want to be part of the vanguard too.

" the whole [TTCN3] language specification consists of 1422 pages in 14 documents"

I need more ☕️

My goal for today: Start studying properly.

It is an implementation of the "TTCN3" language designed for testing. We use it at to test our GSM-related network protocol implementations,.

While writing a new test yesterday I found myself hunting around for examples I could copy-paste in trial and error, and of course the test code I produced didn't pass review:

Time to take a step back and actually try to understand how this language works first!

I get some weird email spam:

Hi, I would like to know if you are interested in acquiring Subversion Users List. Information fields: Names, Title, Email, Phone, Company Name, Company URL, Company physical address, SIC Code, Industry, Company Size (Revenue and Employee).

We also have related users like: Git, Bitbucket, TFS, Mercurial, GitHub and many more across the globe. Let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you with the counts and pricing.

Betty Kean
Data Manager

The Milky Way over the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations

Image Credit & Copyright: Sergei Makurin #APoD

Look at that, #OpenBSD 6.3 has been released!

Highlights include massive improvement in support for #armv7/#arm64 platforms, #vmm virtualization on #amd64/#i386 platforms, #wifi (including roaming), more of the network stack is unlocked, and no artificial limits in #IPv6 autoconfiguration.

benno@ modified sys: Disable IPv4 support. Nearly 20 years after rfc2460 "Internet
Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification" was published, it is time to
remove the legacy IPv4 protocol. This will also makes mpi's work much
This disables userland configuration of IPv4 addresses and routes,
and disables kernel support for IPv4.
Also fix regression tests.

"put it in right after unlock" deraadt@
ok florian@ bluhm@ mpi@ claudio@ henning@

If you're using a bridge(4) on your machine, note that 6.3 ships with a bug where ARP replies might be sent out on the wrong bridge member interface.

This problem was just fixed in -current:

I had a dream once that I'd make a bot to send out #RulesOfMastodition semi-reguarly. I'd update them offline with witty memories from all my years of experience scheming people.

Ah the dreams of youth, wasted and blowing in the wind like devalued currency bills after a rough bout of inflation.


NGC 2023 in the Horsehead's Shadow

Image Credit & Copyright: Steve Mazlin, Mark Hanson, Warren Keller, Rex Parker, Tommy Tse,

and Peter Proulx (SSRO / PROMPT / CTIO) #APoD

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Hey #Berlin people, we're having a get together for people on and friends of decentralized social networks tonight, starting 7PM at IN-Berlin in Moabit. Come by say hi!

Heute ist wieder das Treffen von 'decentralized berlin' (#mastodon, #diaspora #fediverse ) in den Räumen von IN-Berlin (Lehrter Str. 53, 10557 Berlin Moabit) im großen Raum ab 19:00. #dber #berlin #decentralized -> Weitersagen!

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