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Slides for Ayaka Koshibe (akoshibe@)'s "Mininet on - Using rdomains for interactive SDN testing and development" talk at 2018:

Must have had a really good time at @bsdcan as I already set up the #BSD #Pizza Night event for this month!

As a corporation, Microsoft will out-live all of us. Same for Google and Apple. Free software is an inter-generational effort. We don't know what proprietary software companies will do beyond our lifetimes, so we need to do our best to care for free software in our lifetime. Same goes for a lot of other, similar efforts.

Article 13 of the proposal for a copyright directive is a threat to a Free and Open Internet. Join us in taking action on Tuesday June 12th to ask MEPs not to censor the Internet

#SaveYourInternet #FixCopyright #CensorshipMachine

Today I was procrastinating ... err, toying around with authenticator and implemented an OATH-compatible login mode for #OpenBSD – RFC 6238 (TOTP) and RFC 4226 (HOTP).

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Thanks to Kurt Mosiejczuk's console server talk, I learned about upobsd for #OpenBSD upgrades for the brave. In ports.


Important update! Theo de Raadt's Speculation on #Intel talk will be in DMS1160, new streaming link is in 10 minutes.

#openbsd #infosec #bsdcan

@phessler Said move of Theo to DMS 1160 is in progress.

Re-launch of the free #openmoko USB Product ID and IEEE OUI (Ethernet MAC address) allocation for OSHW and FOSS projects:

Went back to the hotel to grab my DSLR just for Theo's presentation: "Speculating About Intel". :)

This is gonna be fun.

#BSDCan #infosec

@gonzalo Naturally, we are watching Baptiste's talk on Mac OS X, and will switch to an laptop when Theo's talk starts.

"Speculating about #Intel" by Theo de Raadt of #OpenBSD will be livestreamed at Starts in around 2 hours, at 12:30 Canada/Eastern.

Or come to room DMS1140 if you are at #BSDCan.

To be very clear: OpenBSD has not agreed to an embargo or NDA.

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