As a cis het white guy who wants to grow beyond societies cultural indoctrination re and learn to be a better ally to our LGBTQI siblings (and others), I have a question regarding .
Would me posting my preferred pronouns here and elsewhere be seen as solidarity with people, or as muddying the waters, making their attempts to identify themselves less clear?

I'm working on the assumption that indulging my natural inclination to find humour in everything by using the obvious "He/Him" and adding something like "/Oi You!" would be a bad idea.

@stuartb Well, it makes *me* chuckle ;-) It seems like the kind of thing I'd write, too.

My understanding is that cis people listing their pronouns is generally seen as solidarity -- but you never know how someone else might see it.

If you decide to do it and someone *does* object, I'll be happy to talk with them and try to understand what the issue is.

@woozle Cheers! :D
It's just something I've been saying since I was in my early teens - so call it the early-to-mid 80's - "I'll answer to anything, even 'Oi You!' ", or "You can call me anything, as long as it's not late for my tea!"
Back then, it never occurred to anyone that such phrases could possibly be potentially offensive or harmful towards whole sections of society.

@stuartb Context is important here, because it signals intent.

My take is that something like that is not offensive in the context in which you originally used it. It's when people go taking innocent statements like that and using them as subtle attacks (in this case, on trans people) that they begin to be associated with anti-trans sentiment, and continuing to use them *might* be taken as a dogwhistle.

It's tricky. *I* certainly don't take it that way, but I know you're a decent bloke ;-)

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