@dansup Are you still working on that plugin for GNUsocial?

@wakest @dansup YAY!
I can't run Masto or Pleroma on my shared hosting, but GNUsoc runs without any problems - looks like I'll be able to self-host the Fediverse presence of several projects after all!

@donblanco @wakest @dansup A basic install of GNUsocial only requires a webserver (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, etc), PHP 5.6, and MariaDB/MySQL.
Basically, if you can run WordPress, you should be fine.
I got some error messages on install, but I think that is because I'm running PHP 7.0 rather than 5.6 (certain functions have been deprecated).
It federates with Masto over OStatus, going to try Hubzilla and Pleroma when I get home.
@bdfl is my test account.

@stuartb @wakest @dansup installed! That didn't seem too hard, actually. Already followed you :)

@stuartb @wakest @dansup So Qvitter doesn't work on subdirectory installs? Damn. Any other way to modify the FUGLY default interface? (other than themes/CSS)

@donblanco @wakest @dansup
There are 2 ways to do it, both of which involve editing the config file - one changes it globally (config file change each time), the other on a per user basis via a button on the profile page.
Going to have a play with themes tomorrow.

@stuartb shared hosting with SSH exists and isn't neccessarily more expensive. Where are you based? In Europe you can use e.g. OVH or uberspace.

@helix I'm in Europe (the UK, to be precise) - I looked in to OVH, but their offerings just were'nt a good fit for what I wanted versus cost, plus I'was in the middle of consolidating all my hosting with another provider, and didn't want to be moving several sites again!
Come to think of it, I think my host provides SSH for the top tier of their shared hosting, which I'm on, I've just never figured out how to access it...

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