What other microblogging platforms /other/ than Mastodon and Twitter are there?


@dredmorbius GNU Social federates with Mastodon and Pleroma, and runs on shared hosting rather than needing the more techy requirements of everything else.

@stuartb Are you aware of any Fediverse instances that might be capable of running on a beefy #OpenWRT server such as the #TurrisOmnia?

2 GB RAM, 8 GB disk, with options for external storage. ARM processor.

Packaging is ... I think ... mudebs.

Pleroma runs on a Raspberry Pi, so it shouldn't be a problem to make it run on that.

@clacke Thanks. That's what I was thinking.

What kind of IP address exposure does that entail? Is ther a concept of relaying through a hub?

Tor nodes?

Pleroma supports Tor, connecting to other torified Pleromas. There is no concept of a hub, and no way for a pure-Tor node to federate with pure-clearnet nodes.
And perhaps I should spell it out: AP and OStatus both require all nodes to have a DNS name and a public IP address (unless Torified).
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