Well, I'm back online (at least with this alt! - been busy with a project, and haven't had the spoons to deal with anything beyond that.), and looking at getting back in to writing.
I have a web site set up, and everything, I have some pieces of writing more-or-less ready to go, with another couple of bits that just need finalising, all I need to do is convince myself that what I have to say is ready for public consumption, is good enough to actually put out there.

And here's the thing - the first piece that is pretty much ready to go is a tricky one, in that I want to show support for a marginalised community, but, not being a member OF that community, I'm worried about my words being misconstrued or taken the wrong way.


So, I have a small favour to ask of any Trans/enby folx out there - anyone fancy reading through a small piece, just to make sure I'm not sending out the wrong message or revealing any unconcious biases?
Having seen After Life would be a bonus, but not neccesary...

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