With PeerTube approaching a full release, are there any similar projects out there, -compatible Instagram/Flickr replacements?

@stuartb huh neat, I haven’t heard about peertube! looks really promising.

@stuartb #MediaGoblin, but I don't think it's federated yet.

Could probably take a few cues from PeerTube, particularly with using Webtorrent for videos and music and ActivityPub for stream integration.

@deadsuperhero See, I KNEW there was one out there I had forgotten about, I tried installing that a while back, but my shared hosting wasn't beefy enough for it...

@deadsuperhero Also, small world, I swear I've been following you on Hubzilla for a while...

@stuartb me and @zatnosk have been working on a similar things, check out hashtag! They're just clients but it may be a good first step

I'm happy with the buggy - source is available on poopy github I believe, under @hannes2peer's account.

@stuartb @maloki I'm working on a Meetup / Facebook events alternative powered by Activitypub.

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