Oh, wow!
The Mueller Report is on Amazon UK for £11. 45 in paperback - or 49p for the Kindle version.

Tonight is the official State Banquet for Donald Trump.
Given the fact that he is a teetotaler, and his famous love of anything burger related, am I the only one hoping the catering has been outsourced to McDonald's?
I'm also hoping Liz toasts him with a strawberry shake... ;)

@stolas I've tried several times to get Pleroma set up on an Ubuntu VPS, haven't managed it a single time yet, usually due to various problems caused by Elixir, even following the official Pleroma instructions.
Mastodon, on the other hand, had no problems, and works flawlessly.
Going to set up a Debian VPS, see if it works through Yunohost.

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Just wondering - has anyone tried mailinabox.email?
Looking to self host ~20 email accounts over 6 domains...

@maloki I discovered him after he did the cover art for a friend's novel - Finding Gaia, by Kimberly Chapman.
Small world.

@maloki I bought this for my daughter when it first came out my (then 3 year old) daughter loved it.
I also bought her the authors "P is for President" kickstarter version, which was a downloadable version with an extra page in honour of Hillary Clinton getting the Presidential nomination - I'm not sure if that is still available, or if it was ever released in a dead tree version.

@kemonine I assume that will work on Ubuntu?
For some reason, it won't let me install Debian on any of the Arm builds

@kemonine I was considering it, but can't see any way to upload a custom image - although I may be being a bit dim here, suffering from the Lurgi as I am.
Planning on doing something with my RasPi in a few weeks, though

@kemonine I snagged one this morning - going to be doing stuff with it over the next few days.

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Well, I made it to 9pm without killing anyone - and you know what that means, don't you!
2 1/2 weeks off!!!
Yeah baby!

@staticsafe Here in the UK, its usually either "Maccas" or "Maccies", occasionally "Maccie DS".
It's almost as if we don't want to admit how crap the place is! :D

@anarchiv An impressive goal!
Beats me - at one point, I could get drunk in 8 languages! :D
Nothing else, but when you're young and stupid, what else do you need French German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, and Polish for? ;/

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Tech stuff, to do list 

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Tech stuff, to do list 

Excited cry from downstairs this morning...
"Your AncestryDNA results have arrived!"
Thats me not seeing my wife for a couple of weeks then, as she wades through all of these new leads...

@maloki @rjt Any ideas where in Northern England?
That's still a pretty big chunk of land! ;)
(East Manchester, here...)

@maloki Yup, this is me as well, but with more apology boxes scattered randomly.
Think it may be an ASD thing...

One of the great joys is scrolling through your Masto feed and seeing someone boosting something from one of your Alts...
Someone likes my stuff!

@maloki Working all weekend, but doing some work on my VPS's in the evening.
Might move a couple of domains over...

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