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Oh dear.
Mother is pissed at me - apparently, she has sent me a load of messages, and I haven't replied to a single one.
Probably something to do with the fact I refuse to have FB Messenger on my phone, and I won't use it on the computer either.
It doesn't matter how often I explain this, or how often I tell her to phone, text, or email, this keeps coming up.

@staticsafe His voice isn't too far off a Curtis Mayfield feel.
Which is NOT a bad thing! :D

"Straight Pride" counter-protest 

@kemonine I got the Roku for Prime - Chromecast wouldn't work with Prime Video, and the Roku was a damn sight cheaper than a Fire TV stick.
Suddenly finding that everything else worked a lot better than the old Chromecast was an added bonus.

Block recommendation 

@em Oh, no, it's more than that.
Boris wants the 51st Star, after which he'll run as Trumps successor in 2024.
And the Brexit crowd would support this, even though it would be everything they suposedly voted against in the referendum.

@em The scary thing is, the end game isn't Brexit (No Deal or otherwise) its not a newly Independent England after Scotland and Northern Ireland abandon the Union, its NOT even a Trade Deal with the US facilitated by "selling off" (ie, giving) the NHS to the US health care "providers" and opening access to a largely untapped market to the NRA...

@em This is the entire problem - his bumbling persona distracts people, makes them think "Good old Boris, he's a laugh, isn't he?")
Meanwhile, under the Wurzel Gummidge wig is a pretty sharp political operator who cares not one whit about the electorate, but only about enriching himself and his cronies.

@kemonine I have an original Chromecast, and it is pretty much useless these days - dropped connections, random reboots, apps losing sync with my phone - I recently replaced it with a Roku Player, and the only thing I miss is the screen saver with photos selected from my Google Photos.
In fact, we've still got it plugged in just for that, it's loaded with photos of my daughter, and we can spend hours watching it!

I've replaced GDrive/GDocs with NextCloud/Libre Office, and Onenote with QOwnNotes, and Gmail has largely been replaced by mail through personal domains (although I'm looking at a possible Proton Mail account for personal backup) and I haven't looked back - while I prefer the Fediverse, most of the audience for my projects is on the big 3, so that's where I'm maintaining a minor presence.

There was the whole thing a while back about ditching FB/Insta/Twitter/G+, which was great if you didn't need a presence on any/all of those services for work/hobbies/family/friends.
The hardcore evangelism behind it never appealed to me then, and it doesn't appeal to me now.
I've massively cut back on those services for personal use, but still use them for various projects, because that's where I get most visibility.

@cwebber I've had 2 vanish on me -, and... another one, can't remember.
It was easy enough to get a new account somewhere else, some people I was able to find again, some I never found, but I soon found other people.
Life goes on.

@dansup I'm hoping updates their version soon - I'm still stuck with the "sorta federates with Masto, but not other PixelFed intances" version...
There are loads of new toys and shineys that I'm missing out on! :(

@dredmorbius I always found Asimovs writing to lag somewhat behind his ideas in terms of quality, although his Black Widowers short stories tended to be slightly better in this regard.

@dredmorbius I have occasionally wondered how much of Asimov's Robot stories were about technoogy, and how much about the Human condition.
Depending on how you read the Second (and Zeroth) Law, substituting "human" for "robot" would give some useful guidance for living life in either a social utopia, or a totalitarian state.

@dredmorbius One slight clarification in an otherwise excellent and thought-provoking piece - it was the **Hutu** and Tutsi.
More than 25 years after the Rwandan Genocide, it is still far too easy to mix the two names up.

implied nudity, bath time 

@staticsafe Every time I look at the rats nest of cables behind my desk, I back away slowly and promise never to look behind there ever again...
I don't understand it, it starts off nice and neat, I don't move any sockets around, but that still happens!

@maloki I remember seeing that one on G+, back in the day, and thinking the haters were going to get really wound up by that one.

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