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I've tried it, and rapidly dropped it - it's probably the closest in look and feel to G+, and connects to most of the , but lacks a certain flair and polish available in the other options.

@dredmorbius GNU Social federates with Mastodon and Pleroma, and runs on shared hosting rather than needing the more techy requirements of everything else.

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The Google+ Exodus has a Wiki

Introducing Google+ Mass Migration / New Beginnings Wiki. A/K/A the #PlexodusWiki

This wiki serves the population of present and former Google+ users seeking to continue their community across future platform(s).



Nothing to do with the central idea of your post - but I know several ways I connect to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees or less - my best is 4...

@WelshPixie ooohhh! I'm sick of having to toggle my user-agent in FF in order to post to Insta, I'll have to have this a go.
Wonder if it allows multiple pics in one go...

@jeff @switchingsocial
I love that idea - and it would be perfect for the Anti-Social media site I keep threatening to work on.
(You sign up for an account, and fill in your profile. There is a post button, but if you click on it, it deletes your account for trying to be social! :perfect:

I landed here from G+ after a discussion with someone there (waves at @woozle ) about the need for an alternative.
That was my online home for years after LJ was sold - I have a presence on other, mainstream social media, but this is home now.
I just don't have the spoons to post very often at the moment...

@valhalla @Gargron People are more likely to jump on Hubzilla, which is basically a better Friendica (by the same person, I think) but with AP built in.

@woozle @dredmorbius I'm expecting an influx of G+ers across the Fediverse, just finding out what their options are - many, if not most, of the people still there are those who want nothing to do with the FB/Twitter duopoly, and could well be tempted over to Hubzilla/Diaspora/Mastodon/Pleroma, or any of the other projects out there.

@staticsafe @chosafine
I still use it occasionally, but most of the contacts I have from there have moved on.
Pity, it had a lot of potential back in the day, but the devs were even less likely to do anything about users security concerns than Gargron...

I love playing the piano as well - it's not as much fun for everyone else, though... ;)

Karma is a lovely person...
She's applied for insolvency, not bankruptcy, but it's only one step away.
Also note Southend News Networks cash-raising appeal for her, with all proceeds being given to a food bank charity in her name.
Please donate, just to piss her off! :D

Well, so much for the busy couple of days off I had planned - about the only useful thing I've done is start work on a GNUsoc theme (copied neo-quitter, renamed it, changed the background colour value to match the site it goes with...), and set up a Hubzilla account - no photo editing, no writing - just too tired, hot, and sweaty to function.
Almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow - I work on frozen food in a supermarket, -20C FTW!

But it DOES need explaining to people - often over and over again.
The vast majority of people have never taken (or had the need to look in to) Gender Studies or Latin (or more likely, both), and will therefore have never been exposed to the word - or, possibly even the concept.
Most people have a vague idea of the meaning of homo/hetero, and can figure out trans from context, but if you have never been exposed to a term before, it can be confusing, at the very least.

@Gargron We have the same problem in the UK - in the past, AC was never needed for more than a handful of days a year, maybe 10 tops, so they were never installed in anything other than really high-end housing, if then.
Because they were never needed, there isn't the infrastructure to install them, so it tends to be difficult and expensive to retro-fit AC, if not impossible.
So no one does it.
Looks like that may change rapidly, though!
Damn Climate Change!

On first installing , I get a warning that register_argc_argv is turned off in php - could this be what is causing this?
Or possibly something wrong with the cron job I've set up - must re-check that in the morning, when I'm at least marginally with it

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