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C'mon, me - you need to leave for work in an hour, your bath ready an hour ago, and what are you doing?
Tinkering with your WP site?
You can tinker when you get back!

Sorry, me - on my way now...

Who says men can't multitask?
Editing photos, moving a site between web hosts, setting up email accounts, posting on FB, Tooting on Mastodon, getting ready for work, building a duvet mountain on my bed for my 6 year old - simultaneously!

Hmmm - the domain has transfered to the new host, but the nameservers are still pointing at the old host - would changing them to the new hosts nameservers help?

Well, this is excruciating.
In the middle of moving one of my domains to a new host - the domain's IPS tags have changed succesfully, just waiting for the DNS records to propagate - which apparently can take up to 72 hours!
Unfortunately, this means that I can't do much to rebuild the site until the domain name is working, and it's back to work tomorrow (and all through the weekend) so I won't be able to devote much time to it when it does actually go through...

Just playing around with a test Pleroma account ( @stuartb ), and I've noticed that posts on there (I assume they aren't called "Toots"!) take a while to appear here - which is weird, as I follow someone who is on a different server, and their posts come through pretty quickly.
Is this a federation problem, or are certain instances delayed here?

What do the 10th Doctor just before he regenerates, [redacted for spoiler purposes] from Infinity War as Thanos kills them, and me getting ready for work have in common?
"I don't want to go..."

I'm darkly amused that almost a quarter of the followers of one of my alts are from Switter! Who knew so many were plane spotters! :D

Trying to figure out the vagaries of templates and infoboxes on MediaWiki.
Then I nodded off, and had a weird dream that involved going on a D&D style quest, fighting dragons in a cave, interspersed with writing templates and infoboxes...
I really need to get a life...

IIRC, there was some talk a while back of small, personal instances hosted at, say,, but with other sub-domains pointing to it, allowing and to run off the one instance.
Can anyone confirm that something like this is actually working, or did I just imagine the whole thing?

Whoops - forgot about this years CampNaNO - suppose I had better get started on... something...
I know, I'll work on that Wiki I've been planning to do for one site...
Oh dear, this is not going to end well...

Something I was pondering while bored at work - is crypto mining what everyone does now instead of $athome (SETI, Folding, etc) like we were doing 15 years ago?

Random Stoopid O'clock musings, #73649146846 

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Body: wake up! Gotta go!
Brain: ok ok...
Body: aaaaaaahhhhh
Brain: visits octodon in the meantime
Body: ok, done
Brain: checks in with mirror-friend on the way out
Mirror-friend: you need sleep
Brain: tell me about it
Body: yeah, me too
Brain: zzzz
Clock: tick tick ti-
Doggo: (crashes thru door) wake up wake up is good rainy day am covered in mud am soking wet am on bed snuggle yu wake up
Brain: aaaagh!
Doggo: brung yu stik! Pls thro!
Body: le sigh
Brain: caffeine

With PeerTube approaching a full release, are there any similar projects out there, -compatible Instagram/Flickr replacements?

Note to self...
If your hiking boots get covered in mud, try cleaning them some time before you plan on wearing them next (preferably several days!) , not 10 minutes before you need to leave the house!

On a related note - does anyone have a clue how work on ?
As far as I can make out, they are limited to people already in your stream, so are pretty much useless for finding people you don't know but share interests with.
Or maybe it's just the Mad Cow finally kicking in...

This account is mostly used for - well, generally everything, I have a few alts for more esoteric interests - but trying to find like-minded people who share those interests is... difficult.
Note to self - do a search from a bigger instance (like this one!), then copy any results across!
One one of my alts, I just tried one search term, all I got back was my posts, tried on here, I got 10 or 15 people!

Found myself being told off by a 6 year old for not speaking Minion...

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