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Well, this is interesting - making progress with my install - can see the accounts, but not interact with them, and can see and interact with accounts, but never receive anything back, and Hubzilla can only see people on other networks who are contacts, but can't interact with them.
Oh, except people on Masto, which throws up a random 303 error...

Just had to nuke the test installation - something was badly wrong, but I couldn't figure out what.
It was sending emails, and could see/follow/comment the various channels/accounts I set up, but nothing else could - , , , even other Hubzillas!
Hell, the different channels couldn't even see each other, let alone communicate!
Going to try again when I get home from work...

Oh dear - just installed a test Hubzilla instance - it appears to be working, but I can't seem to connect to it from here...

Well, that was fun - reading the installation notes for Hubzilla, and they keep going on about how you can install it on just about any server that can run WordPress - it's just a pity that there are 2 PHP extensions that are essential for Hubzilla, none of which I can modify through php.ini on my shared hosting.
Just put in a support ticket, but it is Friday night, they are unlikely to do anything non-systems-critical until Monday, by which time I will have forgotten about then whole thing!

CHMOD help, please?
installed GNUsoc on a subdomain on my site, instructions say to set up permissions on certain directories with "chmod g+w" - unfortunately, I don't have SSH access, and Filezilla only accepts octals - so would the equivalent be setting perms to 020?
Or am I reading this entirely wrong?

@dansup Are you still working on that plugin for GNUsocial?

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#newhere - although this is only for testing purposes, if it works, I'm looking at deploying several GNUsocial instances...
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If you are an EU citizen or resident, please share your opinions on daylight savings[0] in this public survey.

[0] Or, as I like to call it, "misguided and harmful fiddling with the rhythm of our society". But you express your opinion. :-)
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We need a Mozilla for the fediverse.

A non-profit dedicated to incubating, organizing and maintaining ActivityPub projects like pixelfed and others.

I would transfer :pixelfed: to such an organization!

Doing some research for this years CampNaNoWriMo, and I discover that the mythical Mexican creature, El Chupacabra, doesn't date back anywhere near as far back as I thought - indeed, the first sightings date back to 1995, and it's name (meaning Goat Sucker)came from a joke about the myth by a Mexican comedian!

And then you get to the bus stop and find out they don't start for another half hour on Sundays...
Back home for snuggles with my youngest it is, then! :D
(or was - back at the bus stop now!)

Okay, me - you got up an hour after your alarm went off, you have to leave for work in 10 minutes, and you haven't got dressed or had breakfast yet - put the down and GO!!
Okay, me, just let me finish this toot...

Considering moving home, possibly to, mostly for the and integration.
Any thoughts on alternatives?

Does anyone kniow of a simple guide to creating an Infobox in MediaWiki?
All the docs I've read are thoroughly confusing...

That was a strange one - installed Wine using Lubuntu's package manager, but it failed to install a load of dependencies, so trying to install anything via Wine chucked up a load of errors before failing.
Finally managed to install Scrivener, but now if I launch it via command line, it opens but throws up an error about not being able to find wine-gecko.
No mention of this in the package manager - this is doing my head in! :D
(I love it, really!)

And so it begins - I've already upgraded the hosting for 2 of my sites, and cancelled the hosting account they were originally on, now I just have to transfer the remaining 4 sites to the new host and cancel that account before 16th July so I don't get charged a small fortune for that hosting.
I'll be saving myself a fair bit by consolidating my hosting, down from around £18 to just over £10, while getting a performance boost!
Still won't be enough to run Masto, but hey ho!

I think my sub-conscious needs professional help - I spent most of the night dreaming about cooking fish fingers!

I've agreed to do something I don't feel comfortable about on Sunday, and I'm starting to get really twitchy about it.
C'mon, dude, get a grip, it's a Social event in a church, not a firing squad.
May as well be, but it's not...

Note to self - if you turn on the external drive your pics are stored on, it helps to plug the thing into your computer!
It doesn't matter how good your distro, it's not going to mount something that isn't physically connected!

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