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OpenBSD, pfsync, CARP, ospfd, Ansible. That's been a fun blast through at making at stateful firewall pair, and making rule changes version controlled.

Wonder if I'll get the chance to deploy something like this in production someday....

I'm a and geek by day (with a side order of and when I want to pretend I can code)

By night I'm a husband, dad, playing, loving, noisy fool. I also have a fondness for most

in general makes me happy.

Beep beep I'm a sheep

I'm seeing a lot of developers and the like on here, which is great, something I can learn from.

However, I haven't come across anyone who is either into Network Engineering, or Automation, or Security. I'm sure they are out there though. Say hi, hello, ayeup, or whatever your greeting is.

So not the band, not one of the Zords from Power Rangers, just a hairy place. This place is fun.

Toot toot.