The only thing you should remember is that time in 2015 when Ari Fleischer (I think) tweeted that he wished kids today were alive for 9/11 so they could “feel the gravity of that moment” and I sent him a picture of the guy who jumped out of the towers with the caption “feel the gravity yourself bitch” and a lot of people got mad.

I was with Rudy Giuliani’s kid on 9/11 so I outrank most of America on this one and lemme just tell you: you should forget

What a great day to remember the worst thing that ever happened to New York by hearing shitty pablum from people who absolutely loath New York.

Happy 9/11 we made this a national holiday for some reason

Also hey everyone, haven’t been on her for a while, what’s uhhhh what’s poppin

The further we get from 9/11 the more obvious it becomes that it’s just a way for people to rage against death itself

Someone please find and boost my “Werner herzog voice” toot about last years terrible hurricane so that I may also boost it. Why doesn’t search work on amaroq???

Truly very relieved that we no longer as a society think mustaches are extremely funny, that was a horrible couple of years

*me starting a YouTube movie review channel but still unwilling to go to a movie theater* they call him the Joker because buddy... he’s wild

🎶I spent the night in the map room/I humanize the vacuum🎶

Also has anyone been enough of a shithead to post a photo of ominous clouds with the caption “A Picture Of Dorian: Gray” yet???? Because I’ll drive to Florida to be first.

I cannot keep hearing the name “Dorian” without having Black Like Me permanently stuck in my head which is DELIGHTFUL

And then when I was like “no it’s a bit about a guy who tries to promote his business on twitter but gets too weird and it backfires” he was like “that’s me! You’re describing my life!”

Absolutely the best part of the Allen Ventano bit was Ed Zitron following and interacting while having no idea that it was a bit, just totally supportive of a realtor who talked about being a former fentanyl dealer

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