@stunt_bird anyway Goodfair dot com is a good place to buy extremely cheap good used clothes

Pitchfork got so fuckin weird this year, a lot of it is still about 35-40 year old indie rock dudes but the writing feels targeted exclusively at teen girls now

when you make fun of the TSA in an airport it’s called Mystery Security Theater 3000

Look I think prisons are bad but the people who only know how to send photos to others by screenshotting their existing photo album should clearly be locked up

Like if I noticed the stain on my ceiling a day after heavy rain, then checked it after more heavy rain today and it’s wet, safe to say that’s a roof leak and not a pipe or something, yeah?

I think my roof is leaking, any of you know how to confirm this before I call a roofer tomorrow

Kissing an Italian chef is just...*Italian chef kiss*

COLLEGE DROPOUT/LATE REGISTRATION: backpack/underground rap guy
GRADUATION: “Japan is pretty cool” guy
808s: Radiohead guy
MBDTF: art student
YEEZUS: suddenly into European techno guy
TLOP: stress induced mental illness guy
YE: young republican

Here’s my new theory: Kanye is doing a long-term performance art piece wherein he briefly becomes every type of annoying college guy that he didn’t get to be in college because he dropped out

My used flannels came and they’re all dope. Also one of my used t-shirts just says “Zach Goldberg Senior Day 2017” with a picture of a kid who I assume is Zach, it’s wild.

Hey everyone I won a monetary award at work and I only work like 4 hours a day, it’s almost like they’re handing me a plaque that says “no ones noticed that you don’t try very hard here”

@stunt_bird “move to Florida and get lip injections” is a solid 2-pack though

You ever see someone you briefly dated pop up on your IG and it turns out they’ve had some truly bizarre cosmetic surgery done? It’s an odd feeling!

@stunt_bird anyhow I’m the normal height and only ever dated woman who were also the normal height so I guess I’m just pretty enlightened

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