@citrustwee please stop defaming sugar free monster this way, the wraparound shades guys are on the full sugar one for sure

@citrustwee I may or may not have a 30 pack of sugar free orange monster in my pantry right now, I also may or may not own some oakleys

@citrustwee it lasts me like 6 months but it’s so much cheaper than buying them individually, they’re like a dollar each this way

@stunt_bird i've been lied to. deceived. manipulated. schmeckledorfed. you will be hearing from my lawyer very soon

@citrustwee *guzzling monster then breaking my Oakley’s as I attempt to crush the can on my forehead* BRING IT


@toilet @citrustwee man I’m getting violently owned about this monster thing, think I might go have a diet Mountain Dew to get my head together

@citrustwee glad I don’t know what this means or I’d probably end up agreeing with it also

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