Guess what new people - this is fuckin MASTODON and there’s only ONE RULE: follow the shitload of new and arbitrary rules every user of this site makes up every day for how to use it. Rule number two? Always be making up rules

@stunt_bird you might be thinking, “what do I do when two of the rules contradict each other?” It’s very simple, and we have a little saying for that: “Just Follow Both Rules And Shut Up Already.” It’s a simple JFBRASUA situation.

Many people will tell you the way to use this site is to be nice and kind and not get angry with everyone for being weird teens. These people are wrong: I am rude to the teens all the time and am beloved by everyone.

@stunt_bird rule 3: always, ALWAYS, hit that “Toot!” button with your middle finger. this shows the proper level of contempt for your horrible creation

new rule: fuck you, i am going to walk on the ceiling now

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