@stunt_bird *opening yet another amazon box* are you fuckin kidding me, more office lingerie!

@stunt_bird I immediately pulled out my phone and checked, and yeah I'll be damned, Sensodyne toothpaste is more popular than sexy lingerie for sex

@Pixley can’t fuck good if your teeth hurt, that’s what I always say

@Pixley I still can’t figure out if “for women” or “for sex” is funnier

@stunt_bird it's really the combination, I think, it forces you to imagine someone hurriedly tacking it on in a higher tone of voice

@Pixley hahaha “ah shit it’s almost Valentine’s Day what do you call those clothes that aren’t clothes uhhhhhh SHIT cmon think”

@JohnBrownJr @sophia @Pixley heading to the marital bed with sixteen ammo pouches strapped to my thong, truly this is what it means to be a man

@stunt_bird I like how they specify where the toothpaste comes from, but the sexy lingerie for sex has no home

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