It’s weird that adults think cops are normal people when the first thing a kid does if you give him a police costume is start hitting someone who’s done nothing wrong and then deny it despite visual evidence

@stunt_bird my son got a cop costume for Christmas, he decided to put it on today, he immediately arrested his 2 year old sister for “stealing a car”

EIGHT YEAR OLD: I wanna be a cop so I can shoot people with a gun
SAME KID TEN YEARS LATER: I wanna be a cop so I can serve my community, protect the innocent, and *much more quietly* shoot people with a gun

@JohnBrownJr I mean it probably sounds like I’m joking but I’m not, the appeal is pretty simple!

@stunt_bird no i get it, my 6yo would do the exact same thing probably

@JohnBrownJr never seen a kid like “let’s play cops, you start a midnight basketball program and I’ll calm down a drunk guy during a domestic violence call”

@stunt_bird lmao. trying to convince my kids that robbing a bank is ok but stealing from other people isnt. its tough being a dad these days lol

@JohnBrownJr “hey stay out of the neighbor’s garden, that’s his property.... but should it be? Hmm back to the study guys.”

@JohnBrownJr it’s very weird how hard it is for people to accept that guys who took a low-paying dangerous job whose only benefit is An Insane Power Imbalance In Your Favor might be fuckin weird people

@stunt_bird "They Put Their Lives On The Line For Us" do you ever think about why? its not because they're just benevolent do-gooders ill tell u that

@JohnBrownJr growing up in NY I was like “oh ok it’s just the one job where you can make $80k without a degree” and then I found out in the entire rest of the country it pays jack shit and I was like uhhhh these guys are psychos

As someone who once wanted to be a cop I can affirm that yes I am weird but in no way was I fantasizing about using my gun or abusing my powers. I wanted to help kids and women in abusive homes, arrest the scumbag abusers, ticket and jail dangerous and drunk drivers and stuff like that. I wanted to feel like I made a difference. I don't think that is weird. Money has never been important to me. I wanted to effect change from within the system - 1/2

@stunt_bird @JohnBrownJr After how much I have been able to reform my mother's negative behaviours I thought maybe I could put a dent in the penal system. And cop was not my prime goal, I wanted to rise to detective and then judge.
@JohnBrownJr - 2/2

@badical @stunt_bird @JohnBrownJr Don't you need a law degree to be a judge?

Earl Warren started out as a prosecutor, so change within the system is possible, but he was also an exceptional figure in a different time.

@stunt_bird huh. when I got a cop costume (really just a badge but for a kid it's enough) I pretended to be a police detective like on TV and looked around for clues.

Maybe it's a culture thing.

@polychrome probably also depends on what it comes with, this one just had handcuffs and a club haha

@stunt_bird "I hope nobody is recording this" - Postal Dude while dressed as a cop

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