Asking for charitable donations for your birthday on FB and the charity isn’t EXTREMELY controversial? Coward!

LAME FRIENDS: I want donations for the children’s hospital for my birthday
COOL FRIENDS: It would mean the world to me if you could donate to Arm The Felons, the charity that buys powerful handguns for recently released inmates so they can protect themselves from the police, who deserve whatever ends up happening to them as a result

@stunt_bird for my 25th birthday, I'm asking you all to forgo gifts and donate to a cause that's near and dear to my heart: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

@LuigiEsq please donate to this charity that provides wheelchairs (extremely long pause) to people whose suicide bombings did not kill them and who want to try again but have mobility issues as a result of the first attempt

@stunt_bird weighing the pros and cons of boosting this extremely funny post vs. someone definitely getting mad at me for it

@LuigiEsq um no one in DSA ever leaves the house so I can’t see how this would happen

@LuigiEsq please donate to Boards For The Future, the charity that literally boards up the homes of extremely online people so they can’t go out in public and make everyone uncomfortable

@stunt_bird one time I asked for donations to RAINN and got zero (0) donations and that's when I knew everyone I know is fucked

@marie_joseph it’s also a fast way to realize everyone with good politics is fucking broke

@Torie SEARCH YOUR HEART you know only nerds ask for donations to the animal shelter

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