lmao, even apple's credit card is a joke of usability. apparently the "titanium finish" they apply to it means it'll discolor if touching a leather wallet, or a denim pocket and will get scratched if it touches another credit card

@radicalrobit "store your credit card in a bag made of soft materials" is the funniest thing I've ever read

@Pixley only the finest silks are allowed to touch your apple card

@radicalrobit @Pixley I am very confused by the target market for the Apple Card, aren’t Apple freaks the ones constantly doing Apple pay from their watches when it’s not really necessary

@stunt_bird @Pixley It's explicitly designed to be used with apple pay, in fact you even get better rewards using apple pay but since not every place supports it they give you this easily destroyed overbuilt titanium card to use.

@radicalrobit @Pixley if you are this committed to Apple Pay you just shouldn’t go anywhere that doesn’t accept it haha

@radicalrobit @Pixley also the main stumbling block with Apple Pay is that you look like a fucking freak. It is for gas stations and vending machines only

@stunt_bird @radicalrobit it is a real fear of mine that I will be caught somewhere without my wallet and I will be forced to pay with fuckin Samsung Pay or what the goddamn ever and I will die of shame

@Pixley @radicalrobit there would have to be a MASSIVE sign at the register assuring me that I can pay with my phone before I would ever attempt this

@stunt_bird @radicalrobit actually I just remembered last year when I was pretty sure I had heat stroke and not my wallet and called my husband to bring me salt and water rather than figuring out if any of the gas stations I could see would let me pay with my phone, so yeah I'd literally rather die

@Pixley @stunt_bird @radicalrobit I tried to do it at the grocery store when my card was deactivated and I was waiting for the replacement to be mailed to me, couldn't get it to work so I had to drive 150 miles to the nearest bank branch and get cash in person like it was 1934 or something

@robotcarsley @stunt_bird @radicalrobit yeah it's linked to your card rather than your bank account, very convenient

@Pixley @stunt_bird @radicalrobit I had it connected to PayPal which was connected to my account directly, the not getting it to work was just due to the card reader straight up not communicating with my phone. I just left rather than hold up the line any longer

@robotcarsley @Pixley @radicalrobit I feel like the only acceptable way to use Apple Pay is you have an Apple Watch and you only eat at $18 salad places in Manhattan and everyone else also pays this way

@stunt_bird @Pixley @radicalrobit cramming my phone into the little credit card slot on the check folder

@robotcarsley @Pixley @radicalrobit honestly if they needed a way to make Apple Pay work with non-NFC readers just make a thing that plugs into your phone that can go in the slot!!!


@JohnBrownJr @robotcarsley @Pixley @radicalrobit all other stereotypes about men are false the only real one is that we are all desperately trying to accumulate as many cables and adapters as possible before dying

@JohnBrownJr @Pixley @whiskeysailor @robotcarsley @radicalrobit at one point when I didn’t understand recording and lived near a RadioShack I had mic cable plugged into an XLR-to-1/4 mono converter plugged into a 1/4 to 1/8 converted plugged into an audio interface plugged into a computer via USB. The weight bent the converters.

@Pixley @robotcarsley @JohnBrownJr @whiskeysailor I’m tooting from a 3rd party twitter client logged into a banned account connected to Amaroq via IFTTT

@robotcarsley @Pixley @JohnBrownJr @whiskeysailor oh yeah forgot to mention that. Also the remote login is on windows xp which I’m running in boot camp on my MacBook which is needlessly plugged into a TV

@stunt_bird @JohnBrownJr @robotcarsley @Pixley @radicalrobit *plugging my 1/8"-1/4" adaptors into my 1/4"-1/8" adaptors until they form a 10-foot spear that i use to hunt bison*

@stunt_bird @JohnBrownJr@radical.town @robotcarsley @Pixley@radical.town @radicalrobit@radical.town You say "men", but I look at your post and also your username,
and I'm zero percent convinced that this isn't about birds.

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