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So he just removes me from the directory as opposed to admitting it was a bad idea.

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Gargron i wouldnt rub it into your face when you are wrong if you would just like listen to people in the first place.

I really dont like doing that.

@Electron @stuxnetsource Me too. He fell for the tech bro equivalent of nerd sniping (

It started taking off and he had to work on making sure it scales up. Now he is in love with that problem.

@stuxnetsource @kurtm
yes, so they do not exist other than objects.

(that's a thing I cannot help but deeply despise)

Even if it is opt-in, user profile directory popularity contests are not likely to have a good outcome.

Try not to design systems which foster personality cults. There's too much of that in the silos already.

@stuxnetsource Maybe they can, but only with close supervision by folks outside of white cishet dudes.

@Electron @stuxnetsource He totally thinks they exist. They exist to help him show how far he can scale up his toy.

Holy Christ this active users directory is a bad fucking idea

White cishet dudes should not be allowed to make tech

the problem is: we're not here to be popular, but to make links with other people and exchange and make new friends and everything like that. This is performative (as follower counters) and leads to really nasty behaviour…

Ah, yes I can see.
It's certainly starting from a good intention (giving new users a overhead of who is active and on what topics) but I can clearly see how it can be abused and that it certainly appears to be a popularity contest.

But coming from someones that does everything he can to copy Tweetdeck while denying it is no surprise to me.

So he just removes me from the directory as opposed to admitting it was a bad idea.

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