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BREAKING: Computers! They're Fucked, See What May Come Next Down The Pipe, We're Guessing Alchemy Will Be Real Soon And That's What Humanity's Gonna Get Going On

Just a reminder, i do have a patreon and its how i make my living. Im going to start making videos soon on structures of power and related political topics. So please support :)

Just a reminder that punching a nazi counts as exercise.

I get some people are cozy with the idea of this being and staying niche. But niche doesnt cut the throat of the advertising industry thats using all of our data to manipulate the human race does it. Think big picture.

When the creators move the audiences will go with them. Then once within mastodon their behavior will alter to fit the new system. I really like it here, i do.

But if you want to really end how social media gamifies human behavior you have to get people away from the social media sites that gamify their behavior.

Kind of a similar problem to mastodon is that nobody is buying ads on other social media sites to promote it. Nobody is trying to convince content creators to move to it. I mean if you want to kill corporate social media and corporate websites like patreon you are gonna have to bite the bullet and poach the content creators.

Honestly it has the same problem many FOSS projects suffer from is that not enough people know about it. You need to generate a critical mass of attention to make a site like that work and make it be self sustaining (as in it draws in more users over time).

They should start by convincing *someone famous* to adopt their platform, that will draw paying people on to the site and boost its visibility.

Im looking at librepay's statistics and they have been around 2 years and theres only 513 accounts that give money and the highest paid individual only gets 80 euro a week. They have an attention problem and need to do better marketing.

Though i have the sneaking suspicion that nobody is actually going to send me money via librepay. But its there in case im wrong.

Alright well i made a librepay also if you feel like giving monthly with that instead of patreon. Im gonna have to sort out how to do rewards.

Its going to cost at least a thousand dollars to prevent the emergency order hes filed for. We have 20 days from today to respond. -

He doesnt have a leg to stand on and the case looks like an easy win for us since we do actually take good care of the kids but we still need a lawyer and thats not cheap. I need your help to crowdfund this.

So heres my situation, my partners ex husband is taking us to court to get full custody of the kids they had together due to the fact that im trans and because i believe in antifascism. He wants to forbid any access to the kids (who live with us) whatsoever. Become a patron and you can get early access to my writing. Even being a dollar patron has a reward :)

If you want you can buy me a pizza. I love pizza. I need pizza. I am a pizza eating machine.