the old testament is just a boneless epic of gilgamesh

Ok so now all you people who joined in on bofas harassment of me and others have been basically left holding the bag because they are going away and we arent and were not going to forget what you did.

“If your website is full of assholes, it’s your fault.” - Anil Dash

I was pretty happy when I went down this list. How many things on it are you doing, fellow #mastoadmim people?

(I’m not hiring anyone to help watch this place but I’m also deliberately keeping it SMALL so I don’t have to.)

Like, people wanna lie and say @Laurelai is an abuser meanwhile there are people that are threatening to kill her, a good portion of them cis men and ya'll just really gonna let that stand huh?

Like people seem to think this is okay. So like if you think the bofa people are good you should get fucked.

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If you're looking for an instance that's full of people getting silenced and blocked because of the actions of the admin and his harassing lackeys, look no further than BOFA.

Seriously, there are over 1000 instances. Pick one that isn't the center of a months long harassment campaign.

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Yall Eugen doesnt even like me, and ive given him the proverbial finger more than once so if even he is saying yall are crossing the line perhaps you are.

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