@maedhros Because a lot of the stories are modified versions of stuff found in the epic and other sumerian mythology

Gargron i wouldnt rub it into your face when you are wrong if you would just like listen to people in the first place.

I really dont like doing that.

the user with the most followers wants to rank people by popularity?


I am shocked

@Electron @stuxnetsource Me too. He fell for the tech bro equivalent of nerd sniping (

It started taking off and he had to work on making sure it scales up. Now he is in love with that problem.

@stuxnetsource @kurtm
yes, so they do not exist other than objects.

(that's a thing I cannot help but deeply despise)

salty remark about yet another of Gargron's brainstorms 

Even if it is opt-in, user profile directory popularity contests are not likely to have a good outcome.

Try not to design systems which foster personality cults. There's too much of that in the silos already.

@stuxnetsource Maybe they can, but only with close supervision by folks outside of white cishet dudes.

@Electron @stuxnetsource He totally thinks they exist. They exist to help him show how far he can scale up his toy.

Holy Christ this active users directory is a bad fucking idea

White cishet dudes should not be allowed to make tech

@chara As entertaining as that would be, i think i already made my point :p

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