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My interests are kind of all over the place, which may be related to the (severe and only recently diagnosed) . I'm currently finishing a BA in , and am neglecting a variety of side projects involving , , / , , , , and ...

Politically, I'm some kind of non-denominational - weak on but strong on . Capitalism will lead to human extinction. We can do better. 1/

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I was raised (my mom is from and my dad is white as a mayo sandwich calling the cops), and I've always been fascinated with and its interrelationship with thought and culture (Ask Me About The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis!). is my mutant power; I inhale books at an alarming speed. I almost compulsively.

I'm interested in shit, but not as an outgrowth of geek/consumer culture, but because it's seizing the means of production. /2

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I can be overly verbose, especially if I'm anxious or enthusiastic about something. I'm sure I forgot something. I'm always forgetting something. Anyway.

Hi Mastodon!

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Estamos sorteando dois livros do, um dos mais importantes nomes da fantasia e ficção científica nacional! Um autor que nos inspira (e muito).

Quer saber o que precisa fazer pra concorrer? Então clica aqui 👇

Hey y'all
I'm mostly over at @KennyGGAllin so smash that mfn follow if I dunno you feel like it or whatever I guess

Just on here today because I figured out a spooky name & also to once again beg everyone to follow me over at @KennyGGAllin

Reverting to a more familiar form while I beg everyone to follow me over at @KennyGGAllin

Reverting to a more familiar form while I beg everyone to follow me over at @KennyGGAllin

Hey y'all, I'm doing an alt over at @KennyGGAllin because it's a town for olds and I'm an old.

I'm going to try to poast moar OC over there. I will, however, boost all adorable critters, butts, and requests for $ help.

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I'll probs boost this a time or two, feel free to do the same ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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Hey y'all, I'm doing an alt over at @KennyGGAllin because it's a town for olds and I'm an old.

tfw you answer the sorceress's riddles incorrectly and have to spend the rest of your life shitting outside

Changed my name & pic because it's spooky season and also my sleep patterns are fucked

If you're fishing, hiking, or otherwise out somewhere with animals, be wary of your kit and rubbish left behind. Hooks, fishing line, plastic bags, it can severely affect local wildlife.

This is a goose very rare here, and while I had the good fortune of seeing it arrive and photographing it, it had a hook and line through its neck with metal beads attached. (Injured animal)

i don't need a rationale
to sing the international

Hey concert survey 

1st concert: Dang, I don't know, but pretty sure it was something terrible like Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last concert: Moth Cock at VoV? Before that, a bunch of stuff at Moogfest. Last non-fest, actual "concert", probably Universal Eyes at Thalia Hall

Next concert: Hopefully Pharmakon

Best: Dan Deacon, probably?

Worst: Natural Information Society. So tedious we left before the band we came to see.

Have seen most: The Black Angels?

Haven't seen but want to: Merzbow-senpai

lewd linguistics 

who called it being a switch & not a low back merger shift

Every time Dangerous Beans gets rain on his back, Wednesday insists on licking it off · 🙃

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