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ladies and gentlemen, i present to you: Neon Genesis Evelien

Changed my name & pic because it's spooky season and also my sleep patterns are fucked

Just because you name variables shit like SassyPirate doesn't make it any less tedious.

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Didn't get shit done today, so going to reward myself by trying to force myself to learn Clojure

the only reason facebook exists is for me to friend literally everyone that shows up on my recommended list, then drop some incredible Marxist takes on hundreds of people at a time and bottle their screams of anguish and fury to sell on ebay and/or throw at the witches who keep showing up in my front yard

*inhaling from a vape* 💨 the real public health crisis is the police :acab:

Just because you’re a leftist doesn’t mean you’re a good person or that you should stop self reflecting on your behavior

History of the singular pronoun "they" 

The use of the personal pronoun "they" to refer to a single individual dates back at least to Chaucer, so why all the drama?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Isolate these bigots and let them eat each other. Their whole point is to cause as much harm and toxicity as possible.

That’s why they flip out when we organize to take away their access.

Keep pushing. It’s working. Keep working together and talking and being there for each other.

$, hosting bills, boosts ok 

hey y’all

it’s that time of the year again, hosting bills for (~300€/yr) are coming up!

if you can and want to chip in, you can do so via ko-fi, by buying my music on bandcamp or via paypal.


If anyone can contribute, I'm trying to raise $20 for wood carving tools. I found a cheap set online and I've got a lot of things I need to make. I'll write up a tutorial or two for everyone with photos in return. So if you are curious about how to carve spoons etc. I'll make sure you learn how for free.

Apparently there is official gear for service dogs in laboratories and it is the best thing

this is, in fact, a joke. the real communism is Definitely the friends we made along the way.

community falls apart when we don’t know our neighbors, which is why capitalists spend so much time alienating us from the folks next door.

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I had to mummify the hellgoblin just so I could finish a bowl of cereal. He is not pleased with this turn of events.

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