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An for all the new folks!

Hi, I'm Fen! I'm a web developer and professional who's really into making zines and indie LARPs.

Check out my code and talks at

My zines and games are available at

I post about:
πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ trans and queer issues
πŸ’» programming (mostly HTML and CSS)
πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» radical inclusion in the tech industry
β™Ώ digital accessibility and invisible illness
🧠 mental illness
:computerfairies: weird internet junk

If your "women and nonbinary people in tech" event requires legal IDs for entry and doesn't have gender neutral restrooms, then sorry, your event is not actually for nonbinary people.

A really interesting article by The Guardian about Internet access in Cuba, India, China, and Russia. I'm loving the way it changes the article presentation to match the web experience of each country.

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HI FRIENDS do you like
1. zines
2. pirates
3. movies based on theme park rides
4. existential questions


please observe this good good zine made by me and and several other humans!

Role-playing game followers: three rad friends including my very cool wife are doing the first stream of the second season of A Woman with Hollow Eyes tonight! Join me in watching it at 7pm!


Follow us to be notified whn we go live tonight!


Walked into the office today to see a copy of 's guide to they/them pronouns on the table in the entrance. I feel so loved and seen. πŸ’•

Having two once-a-week medical appointments is a great way to force me to slow down at work. I've been going going going every day this week, but today I'm working from home with only one meeting. 😴

As always, if you learned something, throw some love my way via retweets, checking out my other work (like my guide to pronouns buttons for organizers), and ko-fi.

If your venue is providing the food, make sure they know all this! Food is an accessibility issue.

There's so much more I could add about inclusion and accessibility at events, but these are the very basics (and all I had time for during my commute, haha). What would you add?

Tell attendees what food will be available ahead of time. Tell attendees of food isn't available and your event is during a common meal time. Food should always be labeled at the event with ingredients.

Another major thing: food! Always provide meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Halal, kosher and other dietary needs should always be able to be requested if you don't already provide them. Non-alcoholic options always need to be available.

Remind speakers to speak slowly and clearly. Remind them to avoid casual ableist slurs. More info here:

Tell speakers to describe visuals on their slides out loud. Yes, even the gifs that are just there for a joke. Talks should still make sense for people who can't see your slides.

If speakers have slides, give them some basic requirements for accessible slide design. I could make a whole thread on this, but basics include having sufficient contrast, large text, no flashing graphics. Check their slides ahead of time if you can.

If you have an interpreter or live captions (hell yeah!) let speakers know ahead of time so they're not distracted.

Make sure speakers don't obstruct their mouths when speaking, either with a mic or their hands. This helps folks who lip read.

Ask all of your attendees of they have any particular accessibility needs beyond what you're already doing, and especially ask your speakers. Make sure speakers know about microphones and presentation setup ahead of time. They might need a chair, space for mobility devices, etc

Next: info for your speakers.

If the venue provides you with a microphone, require speakers to use it. Even if it's a small space, even if a speaker says they "talk loud." Do kic checks ahead of time to make sure people know how to use it and that the speakers are loud enough.

Related: affirm that service animals are welcome in the venue. (In the US , this is a legal requirements anyways, but affirming it makes it clear that folks are welcome.)

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